A Cute Garden Makeover

We have been busy around here. Busy with fun stuff and then some not so fun stuff. I prefer to talk about the fun stuff! I have been dying all week to share these projects with you guys. They were a blast to put together!

For Mothers Day I told my husband that I would like for him to build me a little table for my garden area (since he stole the one I had) and he agreed. A few days after Mothers Day he threw a table together for me out of scraps we had from other projects. It turned out so perfect and he didn’t have plans or anything for it he just went for it. Then he started playing around making these frames out of some 2×4’s we had. I got the brilliant idea to have him make a frame and then we would staple peg board to it and turn it into a little something to hold my smaller garden tools. This was a BRILLIANT idea… not to sound to full of my self 🙂 The projects turned out so much cuter then I had imagined.

My Garden Tool Peg Board

Peg Board Collage

1. My husband made the frame and glued and stapled it together. We bought a peg board at Lowes and cut it down to the size we wanted.

2. I first gave the frame a coat of stain and then once that dried I took a foam brush and lightly painted some green paint I had on top. Just enough color to make it look a little rustic.

3. I painted a coat of stain onto the peg board. I used the glossy side because the rough side was going to take way to long to paint.

4. I lightly sanded my frame to ensure it had that rustic look I love.

5. We stapled the peg board onto the back of the frame and we were done until we put it up on the house. My husband just screwed it straight into the house.

I bought some hooks for the peg board and the basket. I spray painted the basket red just to add some color, it was grey when I bought it. Then I took some twine and tied it to the ends of my tools so they could hang from the hooks and I was all done. It was as easy as that!

Now Onto My table

I do not have instructions on how to make the table. It was all my husband I left him alone so I wouldn’t annoy him with all my ideas and tips on how he should do it. Sometimes I can become a little bossy. 🙂 I did make sure to take pictures of me staining the table. I have to say I DO NOT enjoy painting. At all. Not one tiny bit. Not even on fun projects like this.

Table Collage

1. Make or buy an unfinished table.

2. Choose your stain. This was stain I had left over from a project a few years ago. It has been used on several projects since then. A little goes a long way with stain!

3. Paint on your stain and let it dry.

4. Place your very cute, very handy table exactly where you want it!

Now for the final reveal! Can you tell I am excited?

Garden Addition

I just love it. Funny thing is I bought those solar stars about a year and a half ago and never put them up. I just couldn’t decide where I wanted them… well there you have it. They were meant to be right there in my garden area, above my cute little garden table right next to my cute little peg board.

What I love most about this project is that we used all kinds of scraps and things from old projects so I only spent about $14 on the table and peg board. I did splurge and buy those flowers on my table… BUT I already owned the pots! 😉

Anyone else out there working on Spring yard projects?

❤ Sarah

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