‘Real’ Life In The Orchard

A few evenings ago my husband went out for a cigarette and heard a loud noise… A huge limb that appeared to be healthy split from one of the walnut trees in our backyard and fell onto our chicken coop. It was crazy. It is one thing for a limb to break away from a tree that is dying but this tree looked healthy, there isn’t a single limb on this tree that is dead or dying. The first picture below shows where the limb split.

The Limb Broken Limb







After the shock set in it was time to clean up the mess. First my husband had to finish cutting the limb away from tree and then cut the limb up into smaller pieces.

Cutting up the Limb

He had to cut it into smaller pieces so that they would fit onto the bucket of the tractor. He hauled them down to his parents house. They have a pile for limbs they cut down. Some day they will either chip up all that wood or get a permit and burn it.

Moving the Limb

As all this is going on my chickens has snuck out of their coop (more crazy drama with my chickens!) They were just minding their own business and as my husband had to drive the tractor back and forth to his parents they would get scared and run. It was funny like they thought he was after them. I love how you can see them running for safety in these pictures.

Chickens Running

While my husband was hard at work I was playing with the kids. My littlest is very hard to get pictures of. He doesn’t smile at the camera or even really look in the direction of the camera. I got about 20 shots of him frowning and making all kinds of weird faces. I wont bore you with them but I am going to show these 2. He is just so stinking cute!

Not Smiling Travis







I was trying to get him to smile so hard that I even offered him candy… His reaction was priceless!


My other son was off running around in the dirt. I have just as hard of a time getting pictures of him.

So even though I think my life in the orchard is pretty ideal it comes with some its own challenges.

❤ Sarah


4 thoughts on “‘Real’ Life In The Orchard

  1. I think your chickens are master plotters who were looking to have another wild party in your flower beds. They probably hid all of the schematics from their Wiley Coyote like plan to get out and party!

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