Out Of Control Chickens (ok not really I am being dramatic)

Last summer I finally bit the bullet and bought bark to fill in all my flower beds. It’s great because it makes your yard look polished and it really helps control weeds. Not to mention it helps retain moisture so you can water your plants less.

Now, let me be clear I love my bark and my chickens, but they DO NOT mix well. Especially because the bark helps retain moisture so under the bark is a perfect place for my chickens to find lots of pest to munch on. In the past they have done pretty well at not making to big of a mess with the bark. If my chickens are out I will normally have to sweep some bark back into the flower beds. No big deal I am use to it.

Until a few days ago… I came home to a HUGE mess. Let me just show you what my sidewalk and flower beds normally look like.

Normal Walkway

I’d say they are pretty manicured. Nothing spectacular but clean and maintained.

After being gone for the day I pulled into my drive and saw this mess and instantly laughed and said “those damn chickens!” They went crazy they had never done anything like this! The messy flower beds went all around my house. They were like a bunch of teenagers throwing a crazy party because their parents were out-of-town! At least when I was younger we cleaned up our mess after the parties!Chicken Mess

I didn’t stay mad at my ladies for long. I just don’t know what got into them! I wish the pictures showed how deep they actually dug into my flowers beds. They weren’t just scraping around.

How could I stay mad?

How could I stay mad?

The funny thing is I don’t want a dog because they always seem to tear up your yard and then I end up with chickens that do the same!

❤ Sarah



5 thoughts on “Out Of Control Chickens (ok not really I am being dramatic)

  1. Oiy! I have ONE dog that tears up the yard! She was a rescue, so I didn’t have her from a puppy. However, any dog that I have raised since they are of adoptable age has not torn up my yard. Might I add that the dog who digs in the yard was surrendered because she was digging under the fence to play with the neighbors dog and the neighbor finally had enough of it! Hahaha! She’s a chewer…

    But, now that I have seen your wild party chickens, (get ready for an influx of eggs! bahahahaha), I’m fairly certain you need a puppy! You could get a herding dog and teach it to herd the chickens away from your flower beds! Ha!

    • Oh crap you really made me bust up right now!!

      That is not a bad idea about the herding dog. My parents herding dog lets them know when the rabbits escape it’s the cutest thing! We have had so many dogs that dig but mainly to find a cool comfy space. I’m not ready for a puppy! Soon I know my boys would just love it!

      I had a dog that would jump my fence when I lived in town just to go two blocks over to my parents house because he loved my brother… needless to say he is my brothers dog now!

      • 😀 Sometimes I’m funny. Not often, but sometimes!

        I watched a show on netflix awhile back where a guy was teaching a border collie to herd kids into the car for a mom! it was AWESOME!

  2. Now they have really discovered that bark they are going to keep coming back for more wild parties every day! My chooks can’t resist mulch. I hope they don’t get in there again soon! 🙂

    • They have been sneaking out of their coop (we found the whole and fixed it) but it has been a daily battle with them and my bark! I don’t mind some scratching but they have just been crazy! 🙂

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