DIY Burlap Wreath

As you already know I am on a little of wreath kick… I’m crazy like that. When I find something new to make I get all obsessed and have to make it for everyone. (I went through a wooden block obsession back in February) The whole wreath obsession worked out pretty well since I had Mother’s Day gifts to make. I posted about a floral wreath I made, that ended up going to my mother in law and this burlap wreath went to my mom. I think the switch was a better fit for each moms personality!

I think burlap is so beautiful. It gives projects a rustic country look that I just love. Making a burlap wreath was super simple and quick to throw together. I love quick projects! When I decided to make this wreath I had a really hard time finding a tutorial that was easy to follow along with. I need a lot of description sometimes. So went I went to Michael’s craft store to get my supplies and I took a good look at the burlap wreaths they had hanging up for sale. I left there with a pretty good idea of what to do but it wasn’t until I started playing around that I really got the hang of it.

My wreath with the sunflowers cost me right at $15 to make because I already had the extra sunflowers from my last project. Here is what you need.

  • Wire Wreath Form (whatever size you want, I used the biggest the store had available)
  • 2 Bundles of 4″ Burlap
  • Wire & Wire Cutters
  • Embellishments (flowers, berries, monogram, etc.)

Burlap Wreath Step by Step

1. Gather your materials.

2. Secure one end of your burlap to your wire wreath form. You can now start folding your burlap and pushing it through each section of the wire. You will repeat this with each gap in the wreath. Then you will move on to the next row and do the same. You never pull the burlap all the way through each section like I thought. You just fold and push through, if that makes sense. It didn’t to me until I started playing around. As you go you can fluff your burlap and push it close together to give it that full look or you can choose to not push it together and have loose ruffles like my friend did with hers (see below). No matter what you do it will look great as long as you try to stay somewhat consistent with the size of each loop.

3. You will continue step #2 until you run out of burlap on your first bundle. When that happens use your wire to secure the end of the burlap to the wreath and start over with your new bundle of burlap. You will most likely not need all of your second bundle of burlap. When your wreath is full cut off the excess and save for a future project. You can take the end of the burlap and tuck it into the wire wreath or you can secure it to the wreath with wire.

4. I chose to embellish my wreath with sunflowers. I used my wire cutters and snipped each flower off the bunch. Then I pushed the stem through the burlap.

5. Once the stem was pushed through I folded it and tucked it into the wreaths wire. I didn’t glue anything because I wanted my mom to be able to change out the flowers every season.

DIY Burlap Wreath

And there you have it, a very pretty burlap wreath ready to welcome our very hot, almost summer like, spring weather here in Central California! Since it will be in the 100’s here this next week I think it’s ok to skip spring decorations and jump straight to summer!

One of my girlfriends made a burlap wreath with me. I had to take pictures of hers and post it because it turned out so cute. She considers herself not to be crafty but she did pretty darn good!! (Don’t worry Lynnsey and Kacie I am on a wreath kick so you guys can come over and make one to if you want!! 😉 )

Monogram Wreath

Now that all my moms are taken care of I can make one for myself!

❤ Sarah


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