Easy Summer Floral Wreath

Mothers Day is just a few days away and I finally got my moms gift done! (Mom if you are reading sorry you are seeing your gift early!) I have only made a wreath once before and the only flowers that were on it were fabric flowers. I am just not good with flower arrangements so I had some trouble with this project but I think it came together nicely, thanks to the help of one of my girlfriends.

This is the wreath I made back in February. I think it’s time to change things up. Now that my moms wreath is done I have time to focus on mine! I am not a “wreath for every season” type of girl, but that’s mainly because I don’t have storage for them. I think I might need to find some storage because wreaths are so much fun to make.

Here is my burlap valentines wreath that is still up and it's may!

Here is my burlap valentines wreath that is still up and it’s May!

The floral wreath I made for my mom cost me less than $16. When I looked on-line or in the craft store to buy one pre made they started at $40 and went all the way up to $90.

Here was my shopping list (I could have saved more but I forgot my coupons 😦 )

  • Grapevine wreath- $4.99
  • (1) Red Berries- $2.49
  • Sunflower Bush- $4.99
  • English Ivy- $2.99


You will also need wire cutters and some type of wire. I separated the sunflowers by cutting them off the bunch down at the end of the stem. I wanted to leave the stems as long as I could so that I could weave them into the wreath. I did the same for the Berries and the English Ivy. Then I just started playing around until I found something I liked.

Finished Floral WreathUp Close Wreath

I hope that within the next week I will post the other summer wreath I am working on, its burlap and looking really cute!!

❤ Sarah



9 thoughts on “Easy Summer Floral Wreath

  1. How funny. I just made a wreath last night for my sister for mothers day. It’s burlap and has their initial on it. I’ll be writing a blog eventually so you’ll see some pictures 🙂

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  3. This turned out great! What a wonderful pop of color on your front door!

    Thanks for sharing at Wow Me Wednesday!

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