The Life Of A Chicken

I have said it before and I will say it again, my chickens need there own reality show! They are just hilarious to watch. The other day I let them out of their coup and just laid on the ground and took some photos. First of all I love letting them out but I hate that they poop all over my patio and yard if they could just learn to poop out in the orchard I would let them out every day! But I can’t train them to do that so I only let them out every so often.

When they are let out of their coop they go crazy! It is so fun to watch. They move around picking at the ground like it is their first time out and about. They love the orchard because the ground is usually pretty moist so they find all kinds of bugs to eat. They love all of the weeds as well!

All my ladies looking for goodies to eat

All my ladies looking for goodies to eat

I was having a lot of fun laying around on the grass watching them. I must have taken 60 pictures that afternoon. They are not an easy to take pictures of. One moment they are looking right at me and the next moment they are running off. Kind of like when I try to take pictures of my kids.

Looking for the other chickens

Looking for the other chickens

It always seems like there is one chicken who is being left out. On this day it was goldie. I wish I knew why they do this. They are always running away from one or pecking at another of the ladies. They have so much drama for living what seems to be a very simple life.

Searching deep in the grass for something to eat

Searching deep in the grass for something to eat

I think this was my favorite picture of the day. The chickens head is stuck deep in the grass. It really captures what they spend their day doing, searching for bugs! This reminds me of a time we had fake worm for fishing laying in the yard and a couple of chickens thought it was real. They were picking it up and tossing it. I am not sure exactly why they were doing it but my husband and I had a good ol’ time laughing at them. I finally went over and took t away. They probably would have spent their whole afternoon trying to figure out what was going on with that weird worm!

You guessed it...still looking for bugs to eat

You guessed it…still looking for bugs to eat

This may sound very strange to some of you… I love my chickens back sides. Their back sides are so fluffy and their tail feathers are pretty to me. I know I am biased but I think I have the prettiest chickens around!

So what do you all think of chickens? Love them or think I am strange to enjoy having them as pets?

❤ Sarah


3 thoughts on “The Life Of A Chicken

  1. I admit I am feeling a little emotional this morning but your passion for your chickens is actually making me teary eyed!! haha, I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!

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