5 Reasons To Look At Weekly Sales Ads

Obviously I am someone who regularly glances over weekly sales ads. If you are shopping with coupons this is a MUST. I almost always know what is on sale at the few stores I shop at regularly.

There are a few bad things about keeping up with what is on sale at your favorite stores. If you are someone who likes to shop you will probably get suckered into buying things that you may not have needed but bought because they were on sale. (This use to be me, so don’t feel bad!) We all love a good sale!

I think if you have your spending habits under control it can be a really good thing to keep up on weekly sales ads. You can save a lot of money by doing so.

About a month and a half ago I had to replace my camera. The flash went out and it was going to cost a minimum of $100 to fix. So I decided to buy a new one at target for about $300. I wanted a much nicer one but I didn’t have the extra funds for it, so I settled. At that time I did A LOT of shopping around and felt like I got the best deal for what I was buying.

Then yesterday I went online to check out the weekly ads and specials and what did I see… my camera on sale for $100 cheaper!! Thank goodness I used my Target Debit card instead of cash. Using my Target Debit card not only saved me 5% off that day but it extends your normal return period by 30 days. So I was within my 60 day return period. So I went into Target to get my $100 back! Wooo Hooo! Then the cashier handed me an extra $20 gift card I wasn’t expecting. Double Wooo Hooo!

If I hadn’t been staying on top of my sales ads I would have missed this deal. And let me tell you we needed this $120! With my father in law in the hospital causing daily trips out-of-town and gas at $4.29 a gallon and then all the eating out we were headed towards needing to dip into our baby savings account and I would not have been happy about that!

5 Reasons

5 Reasons to stay on top of your weekly sales ads

  1. So you know when items are on sale and at their cheapest to stock up on them
  2. You can save money on your groceries by planning your menu around what is on sale
  3. Match up your coupons to store specials to save extra $$ or get things for free
  4. Price match from store to store so you don’t have to drive around town to save a few bucks
  5. Lastly, if an item you previously bought goes on sale you can go in and get a price match!

I have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars throughout the years by taking my receipts to customer service for price matching. It is nothing to feel bad about or to get nervous about! As long as you are friendly the cashier will be happy to help you. My advice is to make sure you go in with your evidence that the items price dropped and you are within the company’s time frame for a price match. I usually only worry about price matching when it will save me a significant amount of money, I have to consider my time and energy when working on getting a price match.

I’d love to hear about all of your price matching stories!

❤ Sarah


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