Enjoy Your Life And Choose Happiness

Lately my mind has been racing with thoughts of enjoying life while we have it.

Making sure that we spend time with our loved ones

Making sure that we make memories that will last a lifetime

Making sure that I find “my happy”

Making sure my kids have a happy childhood

Making sure I don’t spend a majority of my day grumpy about something that doesn’t matter

And then something happened.

My father in law had 2 heart attacks in one night and then 2 days later had to have open heart surgery. Life is scary and NOTHING is guaranteed.

I don’t want to go through life scared of what might happen or who I could possibly lose. I want to live a life that is full and happy. I know when something scary happens or when there is a death in your family it is easy to sit and say “wow, life is fragile and I haven’t been spending enough time enjoying it.”

I don’t want to look back in 20 years and wish I would have spent more time visiting with my parents or sitting on the floor coloring with my boys.

The thing is life is fragile and we don’t spend enough time enjoying it. All too often I get caught focusing on or obsessing about things that don’t matter.  I catch myself getting frustrated about things like my littlest wiping his nose on my couch again, my oldest taking his shoes off in the living room and now there’s a pile of sand to clean up or that my husband put his coffee cup in the sink again instead of the dishwasher. In the grand scheme of life do those things matter? NO. Is it ok to get frustrated about them? YES. I just have to learn to move on and get over it because I don’t want to live my life frustrated.

I want to live a life of joy! Sometimes we need these eye-opening events. They help keep us on track and focused on what really matters in life. And the daily battles will come and go. These hard years of raising little ones will come and go. The crayon can be cleaned off the TV. But memories of your life can never be remade.

So as my lovely aunt would say, today I choose happiness! And tomorrow I will do my best to make the most of it and try not to let the little things bring me down because they just don’t matter. I will try to enjoy the people around me and work to build more meaningful relationships. And yes… make some memories I will look back on in 20 years and smile about!

making memories

❤ Sarah


10 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Life And Choose Happiness

  1. Gosh, Sarah, I feel like a shmuck. I didn’t realize that this JUST happened to your father in law. I guess because Jon looks smaller in the picture, I figured it had happened a while ago and I just didn’t hear about it. 😦 Hope he is doing okay.

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