How I Avoid Spending Money

For the past week I have REALLY been wanting to shop. I hate when this feeling strikes. I don’t want to go clothes shopping, although that would be fun to. I want to shop for my house. It has been forever since I went on a shopping adventure to buy things for my home. Oh my goodness what I would give to go to Home Goods or World Market and just load up on cutesy things for my bedroom, my craft room and my living room! Spring is here and summer is coming and I just need to refresh some areas. But it’s just not in the budget and we have other things that we are saving money for, like tires on my truck… how fun I know! And now that I am so responsible I just can’t let myself start spending money on non essentials, except when it comes to eating out. 😉

How I Avoid Spending Money

I usually want to shop because I feel dissatisfied with my house and I think something new will help. Once I came to this realization everything made sense to me. I thought about the things that I do to help push this ‘need to shop’ way back down deep inside me. So I will share and the next time you feel the need to shop maybe one of my tips might help.

1. Clean. I know this sounds super annoying but it works for me. I am not talking about picking up your house I am talking about some deep cleaning. First, it works because it takes up a good amount of time. Second, it works because sometimes I want to go shopping just to avoid dealing with the mess at home. Once my house feels and smells clean I instantly love my house again.

2. Relocate. Sometimes I want new things just to give my home a different look and feel. This can be done by moving things around. When I was younger I would move my room around like every month, I loved feeling like it was a new space. The same goes for my house. I don’t have a lot of options in my living room but every 4 months or so I move my couches to opposite walls and it feels new and refreshed.

3. Reorganize. I cannot handle clutter. I throw everything out and I donate things on a regular basis. Clutter seriously stresses me out so my closets really are not filled to the brim with junk BUT every once in a while I reorganize them and I get a weird sense of joy and contentment from it.

4. Craft. I have a good craft supply so I can almost always throw a little project together without having to hit up the craft store. Even if I do have to run out and spend $10 that money will go much further then $10 spent on a little something that I will throw up on a shelf. I get to spend time working on a project that not only gives me a creative outlet but will also add a little something to my home décor.

5. Grocery Shop. I don’t know why but sometimes (not always) if I go do my grocery shopping it will fulfill my urge to shop. Maybe I have a problem and I just want to spend money or maybe I am just going crazy at home so I need to get out, I really don’t know. BUT I do know that sometimes grocery shopping fills that shopping void for a little while.

What do you do to avoid shopping when you know you really shouldn’t?

❤ Sarah




13 thoughts on “How I Avoid Spending Money

  1. Love this! I’m all over the relocating! It gives a room a fresh look and as long as I warn my hubby,, he doesn’t freak out about the changes. And now, I can also add…baby, I’m just saving us money! Lol!

    • A warning is a very good thing to give if your moving things around. Ya adding kids sure does limit the amount of time and money wasted shopping. Congrats on the little girl she is a cutie!

  2. Hmmm…Avoiding shopping is not that hard for me. I LOATHE IT. The grocery store drives me nuts, and I buy most of my clothes online because being short and fat is not a good way to find things in the store.

    Mostly, I just have a very “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality. I just realized the other day that I still have the original bath towels in my house from my FIRST wedding…in 2000. The only bath towels I have purchased since are 2 beach towels for lake trips!

    As far as decorating goes, I am very particular about it and set everything up a certain way. No one better move it when I’m done! OR ELSE!

    I really think you should come and visit. I have come decluttering and cleaning you can do! 😀

  3. Love your points! I’m out of money right now, so I’m working on three different projects, using my seashell collection (shells which were just sitting in a cupboard, gathering dust), with just a few, small purchases from the craft store. Rearranging and deep cleaning your house can make your house feel new again. Grocery shopping does scratch the itch, especially if you’re trying out a new recipe and buying a few foods, herbs, spices, etc., you haven’t tried yet. I agree about clutter–it is very stressful and you just feel bogged down with stuff that doesn’t have a purpose (either decorative or functional).

    • That is cool that you are doing the same things to help stay away from spending money you shouldn’t. I thought people might think I was weird with these tips but they really do work… for me at least! You will have to post some of your projects when you are done with them I would love to see them!

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  5. These are great tips! I also like to look at tiny houses online 🙂 I tend to feel like I have way too much stuff after looking at the minimalist lifestyle of many tiny house owners.

  6. I do go to goodwill and browsing for hours there. When I want to buy something for my self I have to buy something else that I can sell on eBay to pay for the stuff that I will wear. These are great tips !! Thanks for sharing !!

    • That is a neat idea about selling items on ebay. What a fun way to make a little cash. I have been wanting to hit up some thrift stores pretty bad lately but just haven’t had time. I used to love browsing the thrift stores its such an adventure!

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