Bye Bye Youth

This year I am turning 30. 30?!?!? Thinking about entering my 30’s makes me feel like I am really entering into adulthood.

I never thought that getting older would be a challenge for me.  The whole age thing really isn’t the issue for me. (Yet… at least!) What’s bothering me is all the changes that come along with getting older.

When you are young you think you are invisible. You think “that will never happen to me.” I never really thought about going grey. Well let me tell you, they are starting to come in. Every day I look in the mirror I see more. I pluck them out and I swear two more will grow in. So that is problem number one about getting older for me. You may say “hey, just dye your hair and get over it!” For me it’s not that easy. I am not the type of person to dye my hair and worry about upkeep. I am a very simple and plain girl and that is too much to worry about for me.  I know that these greys hairs showing up prove that I have gained some wisdom.

Problem #2, it is much harder to stay in shape/get in shape as you get older. Oh how I miss my 24-year-old pre baby body. When you are young you critique every little thing about yourself. You have no idea how great you are. Now, I look back and I can’t believe I was so hard on myself. Picking out my flaws and dwelling on them. When I was younger if I gained 5 pounds I could go a few days watching what I ate and I’d lose it no problem. Now if I gain 5lbs and try to lose it, I feel like instead of losing those 5lbs I gained 5 more! I know that the changes with my body have a lot to do with having and nursing two beautiful babies, so I should be proud of the changes.

The last thing I will complain about are those beautiful laugh lines that are showing up. I never thought I would mind aging but it has been much harder than I could have ever imagined. Especially as I see my husband’s laugh lines start showing up and they make him look more handsome than he already is. I know that the lines that have appeared on my face are because of me smiling and laughing, so I should embrace them.

I know that I am not alone with this aging process. Every other woman goes through it to, so why are these things bothering me?

Why are they bothering me? Because I am human and I have insecurities just like the next person. I don’t spend every moment of every day focusing on these changes but they sit there in the back of my head and pop up every time I get ready.

Make Up Free

This year I will say bye to my youth and hello to getting older and (trying) to enjoy it and focus on the positive!! I am healthy, happy and have so many blessings.

❤ Sarah




11 thoughts on “Bye Bye Youth

  1. Ah, Sarah, turning 30 was really hard for me too!! But, as someone who turned 44 this year, you’re hardly saying good-bye to your youth, my friend! Yes, things are changing. One thing that helps is to simply treat each day as the special gift from God that it is! And consider this quote: “Age only matters if you’re wine or cheese.” 😉 (Also, as one who’s had grays since her early 20’s, don’t pluck the greys! They really do multiply! haha … L’Oreal is one of my bff’s!) 🙂

    • I love that saying, age only matters if you are wine or cheese! I hope I am not saying bye to my youth, you do give me some hope. I might have to become friends with L’Oreal too, sooner then I want to!

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