X is for e’x’citement

I am at the end of the atoz challenge so I am getting a little bit lazy, please forgive me! So today x is for e’x’citement. Excitement on the farm. My parents’ farm that is.

We spent nearly the whole day at my parents’ house up in the foothills. It is such a fun place for adults and kids alike. There is just so much for the kids to do besides just being kids and running around. And all the kids just love my dad. He is so patient and always gets down on their level and plays with them and shows them genuine attention. Kids always flock to him. He is a natural teacher and a kid at heart. So it is not surprising that the kids have such a blast at my parents’ house. My dad loves to take the kids out and show them all the animals and make the kids help out with the daily chores on their little farm.

My parents added a few rabbits last week so this was the first time the kids were able to see them. They are older and haven’t been handled much so we didn’t spend too much time with them. The kids were having a blast chasing them around. Once the rabbits became a little more comfortable with us they were easy to catch and hold. The female is pregnant so in the next few months I may have more rabbit stories for you!


Then of course there are chickens. My parents have lost most of their egg layers to predators but they still have a few and recently bought some more chicks. The kids LOVE going to check for eggs in the hen-house.  The baby chicks were eating out of their hands, they all got a kick out of that.

Chicken Collage

Then the kids were off to feed the goats and sheep. As soon as we stood at the fence they knew it was time for a treat. My dad gets each kid their own bucket of feed and they all stand around throwing the food to the animals. Even my youngest enjoys this activity.

Goats and Sheep

The last adventure of the day was a walk out in the pasture. Each kid was given a walking stick and off we went. Along the way my dad taught the kids about how the wild flowers reseed themselves so every spring he has more. They climb trees and hear stories about the oak trees.  The kids run from one area to another so free.

Walk in the field

The reason for the get together was to celebrate my dad turning 50. We bbq’d and had cake and ice cream. There was no way my dad was going to be able to blow out his candles all on his own. So without hesitation he invited all the kids to join in on the fun. It is so cute to see the admiration they all have for him.

Birthday Cake

We didn’t get home until late Sunday night and the kids were beat. I could tell both the boys had a blast because they were so lovey and happy. I asked my oldest son if he had a good day his response was “I had a REALLY good day!”

I love that my parents enjoy having the grandkids around and it warms my heart that they are helping to build such great memories with them. None of us know how much time we have to build these memories so it is important to take advantage of them. I know we all left that day feeling joyful and appreciative of each other. There is nothing better than a beautiful day spent with your loved ones.

How do you feed your soul? Family, crafting, church…?

❤ Sarah



8 thoughts on “X is for e’x’citement

    • lol! Of course not they have a different love for their grandkids. Plus men seem to calm down a little with age. My dad was always pretty good with us but of course we loved to push limits! Now we are getting our payback.

  1. Papa J, You’re 50 now!! You get to dress how ever the heck you want 🙂 happy birthday!
    Great post Sarah, the end is so true it made my eyes a little wet 😉

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