Utilize Your Local Library TODAY!

I visited one of my local libraries the other day because I wanted to do a little more research on blogging but didn’t want to spend money on a book.  I was surprised at how much this small town library had to offer. I have always been a fan of the library. But man they have changed a lot since I first visited as a little girl.

They have so much to offer. If you don’t take advantage of your local library you are missing out. Between not having to buy books and movies and free family events you can save a lot of money by utilizing your local library.

Movie Rentals

Our local libraries have movies that you can borrow for up to 7 days. I’m not talking about old movies. I am talking about new movies and TV series like The Hangover 3, This is 40, and True blood. I was in shock at how many movies there were to choose from. I walked over to the kids section and found a plethora of kids movies as well.

Free Computer Usage and Internet

If the library is busy you may be limited to 15 minutes on the computer but if not you can sit and leisurely look for jobs, do research or just browse the web for fun. For families on a budget this is a great resource if you can’t find extra money to pay for internet at your home. You can also print on the computers at our libraries for a small fee.


This was completely shocking to me that you can download eBook’s through the library! They have a loan period of anywhere from 14 to 21 days. Our local libraries also have a program called Zinio, it’s a digital newsstand and you can download over 100 magazines. Once you download them they are yours forever.

A Place to Go For Some Peace

Libraries are not just a place to go and find a book. They are a place you can go to get some time alone to read, work or just grab a magazine and relax. The libraries in our area do a great job at creating an environment that encourages people to sit back and stay awhile. All they need know is a built-in Starbucks. 🙂

Things To Do For Kids

Libraries are a great place for kids of all ages. I have found weekly story time groups. These groups are geared towards infants and toddlers and also preschoolers, each held separately. Libraries in our area also hold special story time events throughout the year for Dr. Seuss’ Birthday and other special events. It’s a great way to get kids excited about reading

Other Services

The library has so many great resources if you are in need of help. I have found computer classes, literacy services, citizenship aid, workshops for parents, career centers, senior citizen resources, afterschool homework help and meeting rooms. There are also book clubs available for teens and adults, sounds like a good way to meet new people.

The library is also a great place to find out what is going on in your community. I found a whole area in my local library dedicated to local events and groups. If you are new to an area you should most definitely visit your local library to see what your community has to offer.

Dedicated Area To Community Events

Dedicated Area To Community Events

This was my youngest sons first time at the library I think he did ok.  I had been scared to take him because he can be a little hard to handle but the worst thing he did was pulling books out from the shelves… no pages were ripped so all was good!

First Trip To The Library

First Trip To The Library

Now run off and visit your local library!

❤ Sarah



9 thoughts on “Utilize Your Local Library TODAY!

  1. Our local library allows people to rent fishing poles and “fancy” cake pans too. You know, those pans that $20.00 a pop or more for Barbie or Bob the Builder? Yup, free at the library!

    My friend Tammy and I have been taking a monthly art class for free there and we are going to start a quilting 101 course they have in a few weeks! They also have a game night…just tons of stuff! Libraries are awesome!

  2. My dad would love you for this blog post. He has been going to the library and doing everything you mentioned, for as long as I can remember. He does all of his internet searching there (when he needs to look up new terms from the kids. LOL or when he is stuck with the daily crossword puzzle). When we still lived in San Diego and the kids were young, I would take them to the weekly “story hour” they would have. One time, we all (Me included) got to dress up in costumes and act out the story. It was a blast. Definitely recommend the library. It is unfortunate that the world wide web is taking its place.

    • What’s funny is I remember going to the library when I visited you in San Diego. lol. That is so cute that you dad enjoys it so much. I want my boys to be comfortable there and want to go, they have been loving the books we picked up. I am going to try to hit up the story time as soon as John is out of school. It sounds like fun except I probably wont be dressing up 😉

  3. My boys love the library. I haven’t taken them to story time or any of the activities but we check out a ton of books, 5 a week. I want my kids to have an appreciation for literature like me. I could get lost for hours in a good book and days if its a series. I love my kindle and its so convenient to be able to buy a book in a second but there is something about a real book that you just can’t get from your e-reader. The smell, the feel, the fear of losing your place and then having to search for where you left off, the bulkiness (is that a word), oh I could just go on and on. Great post 🙂

    • Thanks, As soon as John is out of school we will all have to go for story time on Tuesdays… we might need some wine in a to-go mug to handle trying to get the kids to sit still but it’s worth a shot! Yes the feel and smell of a real book in your hands is priceless!

  4. I take my daughter to the library all the time. In fact it’s one of my ways of doing an outing without spending money. The library is like a secret adventure that you never get tired of exploring. Your son is so adorable. From the looks of it, no one could tell him he’s not reading that book.

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