Tomato Season Is Coming!

When I think of summer I think of fresh juicy tomatoes. There is absolutely nothing better than being able to sink your teeth into a ripe tomato fresh from your garden. Oh goodness I cannot wait for summer!

Last Years Harvest

Last Years Harvest

If you have never gardened before and you live in an area that gets a good amount of sunshine in the summer you need to start with tomatoes. They can be so easy to grow that I have had them pop up all on their own and flourish. Cherry tomatoes are a great tomato starting point; you can’t go wrong with them. They grow like weeds.

If you decide to grow yourself some tomatoes here are some tips for beginners.

  1. Tomatoes can be planted as soon as there are no more signs of frost. You can start them by seed indoors 6 weeks before your last frost or do as I do and buy them already started at your local nursery
  2. Keep your plants and their fruit off the soil. This can cause the plant to rot. I usually pinch off the bottom branches that start to sprout so that they do not hang on the soil.
  3. Because of rot you want to make sure to water them at their roots instead of spraying the whole plant.
  4. Tomatoes love the sun so make sure they are planted somewhere very sunny. Everything I have ever read recommends 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day.
  5. ALWAYS cage of stake you tomato plants. Let me tell you from my own experience tomato plants need to be caged or staked because of #2 and because they can be WILD. They will just grow and grow. It is easier to keep up with picking your fruit if they are neatly caged or staked.
  6. Keep your soil moist, if your fruit is cracking it is due to lack of regular watering. You must water regularly to avoid this issue.
  7. Pick your tomatoes as soon as they nice and firm and fully colored. This will encourage new growth.


Barely Planted Caged Tomatoes

Barely Planted Caged Tomatoes

Caged Tomatoes A Month After Planting Them

Caged Tomatoes A Month After Planting Them

I have to say my kids don’t eat tomatoes unless they are fresh out of the garden. There is something about growing your own food that even kids enjoy

There are so many varieties of tomatoes it is mind-blowing. I am a simple girl I grow tomatoes that are nice and large to slice them up, I grow Roma tomatoes that I use for canning and to make salsa and of course I always have one cherry tomato plant for snacking while I work in the garden.

What type of tomatoes do you grow?

❤ Sarah





12 thoughts on “Tomato Season Is Coming!

  1. I haven’t but I should. I did find out that a local farm sells their culls by the 5 lb bucket though, for around $3.00, so this summer I am going to go get a ton of tomatoes and have a canning party!

  2. My research tells me it’s not sunny enough in England without a green house 😦 But stateside, I grew the big ones (beefsteak) and Roma tomatoes. We typically had 5-6 plants and they would produce enough tomatoes for a year’s supply of tomato sauce. 🙂

  3. We grow tomatoes in our flower beds now and then, and there’s a tomato plant coming up in the creeping lantana now that must have seeded itself. (We scatter organic matter in the beds besides putting it in the compost bin.)

    • I love how they pop up all on their own. One of my best producing cherry tomato plants was one that popped up all on its own from remaining seeds from the previous season.

      That is smart to grow them in your flower beds its a good way to utilize space!

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