Strawberries + Chocolate = Heaven

We have been eating our fair share of strawberries around here. It’s just that time of year. I have a picnic planned at the park with my boys and one of my grandmas and I wanted to bring something special and tasty for a desert. What better than chocolate covered strawberries? It is unbelievable how easy and quick it is to throw this treat together. I had my berries washed and coated in chocolate in less than 10 minutes.

Pure Heaven

Pure Heaven

If you have never made your own chocolate covered strawberries now is the time. Strawberries are in season and chocolate chips are easy to find.

Here is what you will need.

What You Need

What You Need

  • 1lb strawberries
  • 1C chocolate morsels
  • 1ts oil
  • parchment paper
  • Some kind of double broiler (we don’t want to burn our chocolate!)

Step #1

Wash and dry your strawberries

Step #2

My Make Shift Double Broiler

My Make Shift Double Broiler

Melting Chocolate

Melting Chocolate









Start heating your chocolate and oil in your double broiler. I have never bought a double broiler I just use a small sauce pan in a small frying pan that has a little water in it. You can see I use my make shift double broiler often. The key is that the chocolate isn’t directly receiving heat. Chocolate can be sensitive and you do not want to burn it. While heating your chocolate be sure to continually stir it. The morsels will melt quick.

Step #3

Once your chocolate is melted take each strawberry one by one and dip it in the chocolate and roll it around. Once it is coated set it on your parchment paper and continue doing this until all of your strawberries are dipped in chocolate.

Step #4

PATIENTLY wait for your chocolate to cool and harden. Once that is done they are ready to eat! Enjoy.

Now if you don’t even want to spend 10 minutes dipping your strawberries you can go the lazy route. Don’t worry I wont judge I have done this many of late nights! Get your strawberries out and dip them directly into you Nutella or Hersheys chocolate spread.

Lazy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Lazy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

❤ Sarah




4 thoughts on “Strawberries + Chocolate = Heaven

  1. Our snow just melted so we have a couple of months before homegrown strawberry season. I did buy some at the grocery store, and there really is something about choc covered strawberries

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