Raised Garden Beds

One big reason why I love my garden so much is because of my raised beds. I have gardened before straight in the ground and didn’t have a lot of luck. I think it was mainly because I didn’t do a very good job prepping my soil. That is why I love my raised beds.  From the start they have been filled with healthy soil.

Garden Area

My garden for the past 3 years (since moving to raised beds) has been bountiful. I give my garden beds all the credit!

Here is why I love my raised beds so much!

  • They are cheap and easy to assemble
  • They can be built anywhere because you can make them into whatever shape you want
  • They can be placed right over grass so the startup is simple (I recommend using that weed eliminating netting if you choose to place your bed over the grass)
  • They can be filled with whatever kind of soil you choose
  • You can easily add in compost or other additives to help out the soil
  • It is so easier to control the weeds
  • They help keep the garden organized and less out of control
  • They add a lot to the overall look and feel of a yard
  • Because they are raised my kids can’t accidently trample all over my garden

I did run into one problem with my raised beds. This problem wasn’t the raised beds issue it was mine but I thought I’d share. The first year we used our raised beds we filled them full of garden soil. You know that kind that is sold at the super stores and they come in big bags. Well, we noticed that when we watered that all around the garden beds would be flooded. It seemed that all the water was draining through the garden beds and leaking out rather quickly.

To resolve our issue the following year we removed some of the soil and added in good old dirt from the orchard. This helped the soil become denser and not so light. We mixed it in real good and now our soil holds the moisture better.

Raised Garden Bed

Our raised garden beds were one of the first projects we did when we moved out to our house. I thought I could build them on my own. I might have been able to but I gave up and enlisted my husband’s help. I knew the project would go faster. I wish that I would have stained or painted them before filling them up with soil.

I am a big fan of raised garden beds if for nothing else simply because they make my yard look so cute! Our neighbor has an amazing garden and every year it gets bigger and bigger. He is an older man who gardens because his doctor told him he needed to exercise. So he took up gardening instead of running. Anyways, even though his garden is impressive I don’t think it would look as cute in my yard as my raised garden beds are. His is perfect as an addition to the back of his property.

My Neighbors Tomato's

My Neighbors Tomato’s

My Neighbors Tomato's & Peppers

My Neighbors Tomato’s & Peppers










Another ‘R’ topic is my rock in my garden area. For the first year of having this garden area it was only dirt. I found some rock on clearance at Lowes and we filled up all my walk ways with it. I love it! It helps out so much with the weed control and it makes the area look “finished.” One problem… If you look closely you will see my son throwing the rocks. They get everywhere. The boys think they are a toy for them. I always feel bad when I have to kick them out.

Throwing Rock

How do you all prefer to garden?

❤ Sarah



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