My Quest To Save Money On Fresh Produce

I have been in a major cooking rut the past month or so. I can’t even tell you what I have been cooking because I seriously have no idea. I am trying to put together next weeks meal plan and I really need to focus on eating healthy and fresh. Especially since it’s a holiday weekend and all we are doing is eating. It has been a budget breaking weekend so I need next weeks menu to not only be fresh and healthy but cheap.

I have a few ways I typically save on fresh fruits and veggies and I have come across a few more and I just have to share. I can’t keep all this good information to myself.

  1. Driscoll’s Berries– If they are sold in your area you should start taking a quick survey on your berry purchase. If you do you can start earning coupons towards your next purchase on berries. The more surveys you do the bigger your coupon will be. They start out at .50 coupons and I believe they max out at $1 off. I bought two packages of strawberries yesterday for .75 each, that’s not including my target discounts!
  2. Facebook– I have come across so many companies that offer coupons when you ‘like’ their facebook page. Companies like Del Monte and Cabo Fresh.
  3. Visit your favorite brands websites- Subscribe to their newsletters and you will soon receive coupons and recipes in your inbox. Sometimes you can even find current coupons right on their website.
  4. Checkout51– Every week they have a deal for fresh produce. I always make sure to take advantage of it!
  5. Pay close attention to the packaging at the grocery store– I have come across coupons right on the packaging of products I was already going to purchase. These are mostly on bagged salads and vegetables. I have also seen coupons on cereal boxes for bananas and coupons for fresh fruit purchases on mason jar packages. Keep your eyes open and pay close attention to the packaging!
  6. Target’s Cartwheel App– I LOVE this application. Target has great deals if you are willing to look for them. Some of their produce can be pricey if it’s not on sale so I don’t recommend doing all of your grocery shopping there BUT if you match up their cartwheel deals with their sale prices you can easily save money on your fresh produce compared to your local grocers prices. Then use your Target debit card and save an additional 5% and bring your reusable bags and save .5 per bag and you are really saving money! (And don’t forget your coupons!)
  7. Eat what’s in season– This is a no brainer but can be hard. Try to do your menu planning along with your groceries stores sales ad. Usually the fresh produce that is in season is what is on sale.
  8. Tip Resource– This site has a list of current discounts and links to coupons on fresh produce.

I know there has to be more ways to save, so if you have tips and tricks please share!!

❤ Sarah




4 thoughts on “My Quest To Save Money On Fresh Produce

  1. Another awesome post! I used the $10 off target coupon you recommended last week and took advantage of some in store gift card offers for multi item purchases. I used the savings to help the Easter bunny fund easter baskets and I came in under budget. Big hug!!!

  2. We LOVE Aldi’s for their fresh produce deals! I wasn’t aware of Aldi’s until we moved to the UK, but since then I’ve learned they are also stateside. Plus, in many different countries. They always have “super 6” produce deals. Here in the UK, they are typically .49-.69 So some weeks you can get a bag of apples or oranges for the equivalent of $1 🙂

    Also, growing our own produce in the garden! 🙂 Back home, I had a few friends who also gardened and we would trade produce because at some point you always have too much of something or tired of eating what ever you are currently harvesting. Freezing and canning your extras is a big $$$ saver too! We lived in WA state, so my favorite was free apples! We could typically find a friend or a friend of a friend who had a few apples trees who didn’t want to harvest them all, so they would offer us “free” apples if we did the labor to pick them. Dehydrated apples are a delicious snack or freeze/can apples ready for an apple pie.

    • I am totally for growing you own food! I only do that in the summer I haven’t ventured into cool weather gardens. I would love FREE apples. In my area we get citrus and nuts. I am not complaining but something different would be nice!

      I keep hearing about Aldi’s but its not in my area. I feel the selection of grocery stores around me stinks. I kind of live in the boonies so that is probably why. 🙂

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