P is for Pinterest

Oh, how I love Pinterest! Who doesn’t love pinterest?

Pinterest is a great way to find information about ANYTHING! From recipes, crafts to how to curl my hair. It blows me away!

Here are a few of my favorites Pins that are on my to do list. If you click on the picture it will take you straight to the blog that the pin originated from.

Garden Wreat

Garden Wreath

DIY Console Table

DIY Console Table

Simple Bathroom Upgrade

Simple Bathroom Upgrade

Ruffled Baby Blanket

Ruffled Baby Blanket

I made 2 of these ruffled baby blankets and LOVED them. I hated the process but it was worth it. Working with that dang minky material is far from fun. Here is my version of the little fabric blogs ruffled minky baby blanket. I would have never been able to make this if it wasn’t for finding this tutorial on Pinterest.

My "Copy Cat" Ruffled Baby Blanket

My “Copy Cat” Ruffled Baby Blanket

Hopefully I will have more to show you if I ever get motivated to organize my craft room!

❤ Sarah


6 thoughts on “P is for Pinterest

  1. I don’t like Pinterest! It is visual overload to me. Distracting and confusing. Maybe it will grow on me. We’ll see. You’re blankets are beautiful! I am glad you find it a good resource.

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