Nutty Series #2

It is time for my second installment of my nutty series. My nutty series is just something fun I wanted to do to document the entire year of the orchards growth. I see it happen every year but don’t always pay attention to what exactly is going on. This series is to help me learn more about the process from the trees getting leaves to harvesting in the fall, and maybe you all might learn a little something a long the way too.

Spring is in full bloom and our trees finally have leaves. I love when the leaves come in because we have so much shade. It is just beautiful. So at this point most of the catkins have fallen off. There are still some hanging on, but most are gone and all over our yard and the kids club house as you can se below..

Catkins in my Yard Dying Catkinsa







The trees are full of leaves but there are still more leaves growing in. Give them about a month or so and the leaves will be completely grown in.








We now have tiny walnuts growing in. There very small but noticeable.

Walnuts Forming Walnuts Forming







There are a few trees at the front of the orchard that are behind. They do not have leaves and still have a massive amount of catkins. These are the trees that do the pollinating. As you can see below they really stick out compared to the rest of the trees that have their leaves.

178 179







Fun Fact: 3/4 of the world trade of Walnuts now comes from California! (source: Nutritioulicious)

Check out Nutty Series #1 if you missed it.

❤ Sarah


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