Making A Home

When my husband and I first got married I told him I would live anywhere as long as I had a nice yard…even a mobile home. I should have set my standards higher because he gave me exactly what I asked for. I am totally joking about my standards, I love my house. I had always wanted to live in an orchard so he has really given me everything I wanted.

When my husband and I decided to leave city life and move out onto his parents property we had no idea what it would take. Now that we have finished up one of our last large projects it is exciting to be able to look back on it all. Here’s our journey from cutting down trees to planting flowers.

Preparing The Site

If I remember right we took out about 6 trees for our pad. Then we had to build up our pad so that when the orchard gets irrigated our yard and house doesn’t get flooded. As we were building up our pad we had to use a sheep’s foot to compact the soil so that we met building requirements for our permits.

MovinginthehouseTo bring the house in we had to trim trees along the driveway, it was a tight squeeze. It’s a “doublewide” so it was brought in as two pieces and then put together. It was pretty neat to see it all come together.

The House

And there it is all pretty and brand new. Once the house was placed was when all the real work started. We had to dig all the trenches and put in our water line. We use my in laws well as our water source so we had to trench from my in laws house to ours. Then we hired someone to come out and place our septic tank. Next was power and then we had our gas lines placed. Then we just had to wait for all of our final permits and we were able to move in. The whole process from ordering our house to moving in took 7 months. Waiting on permits was tiring but all in all it didn’t take very long. That is one of the reasons people choose manufactured homes, the are built fairly quick. Price is another reason but you can get carried away and they can get pricey.


FinishedHomeAfter 32 months we have finally finished all of our large projects so now we can work on making it more cozy with some landscaping. What a journey it has been. We have done all the work ourselves with some help from a few family members, so it has been beyond rewarding. My husband was not a “handyman” before we started on this house project so he has learned a lot! Maybe someday I will write a post about all the work we have done and our budget along the way. Had we had a lot of money these projects would not have taken nearly 3 years. It has been well worth the wait!

❤ Sarah


9 thoughts on “Making A Home

  1. Looks beautiful Sarah!! It is really cool to see the steps that it took to get to where you guys are today. We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished in life. I knew from the first time that I met you (I think you were 10 or 11?), that you were a force to be reckoned with! Love you guys. xoxox

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