Loving Life

I don’t want this post to come off as “I’m so happy, my life is so perfect, and I am so great,” Because that is the furthest from the truth. I am not always happy, I can get pretty grumpy when things don’t go as I plan. My life is not perfect…who’s is? I am not great at anything, but I love to try to be anyways.

What I do want this post to be about is that no matter how crazy my days can be from time to time, I still love MY life. No matter what lows I have been at, I wouldn’t change anything… NOT ONE THING.

It is easy to sit back and look at other people’s lives and start to feel like yours isn’t so good, especially with social media. Of course people are going to post about their happiest times. When that is in your face 24/7 it is easy to feel unhappy about your life. I am not a huge fan of Facebook and never have been. Yes, there are some great advantages like being able to keep up with family and friends that don’t live close by. That part I love. The part I don’t love is that people compare their lives to others. You can’t do that. Not only because you don’t know what things are really like behind closed doors, but because it’s not important.

We can’t hold ourselves up to other people’s standards. My family loves to go camping. We would rather go on 10 camping trips then one trip to Disney World. So if I see a friend taking fun trips to Disney World I’m not going to feel jealous and begin to compare MY life to theirs. We are different, what makes us tick is different, what we consider fun is different.

As a stay at home mom that doesn’t get all done up every day it could be very easy to see pictures of other moms who look like they have it all together and begin to compare myself to them. They have time to shower, do their hair and makeup and then throw a pinterest inspired playdate. But that’s not me so why would I start to compare myself to their standards. I am a pony tail, t-shirt wearing not too much make-up kind of girl, and I am ok with that.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Live YOUR life. Love YOUR life. Be thankful for everything YOU have.

Be inspired by other people don’t be envious.

❤ Sarah



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