I love Iced Coffee

I is for Iced Coffee!

As my days have lengthened and have become much warmer, like 90 degrees warm, I have decided I can’t drink hot coffee all day long anymore. It’s now time to start having some iced coffee. No matter what kind of weather we are having I love hot coffee in the morning. But now that it is getting hot I make iced coffee with my left over coffee that didn’t get used up that morning. See how economical I am! I am just kidding but this is a good way to use up what’s left sitting in your coffee pot.

Perfect Summer Pick Me Up!

Perfect Summer Pick Me Up!


I take my cup fill it up 2/3 full of coffee add my creamer and mix. Then I fill that sucker up with ice and enjoy! So easy and I just love it. I used to use Starbucks instant coffee to make my iced coffee but that just isn’t in my budget these days. Once summer gets into full force and I am drinking more iced coffee I will start making larger coffee pots just to ensure I can have a couple cups of iced coffee through out my day. I also like to take any left over coffee and freeze it in ice trays. Then I use the coffee ice cubes instead of regular ice cubes. This way I never have watery iced coffee. This helps out a lot. I got the idea a few summers ago from the pioneer woman’s website. Genius! It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” things!

❤ Sarah







6 thoughts on “I love Iced Coffee

  1. I love coffee in general! It was also 90 degrees where I live. I usually get hot coffee no matter the weather but the heat wave the last couple of days call for iced coffee!

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