Girls Night

You know you need a girls night when you are talking with a couple of friends and then all of a sudden dinner is planned for that night. Not for Friday or next week, but in 6 hours and it’s Monday. It was very last-minute but much-needed. We had not had a girls night in a very long time.

So what goes on when we have a girls night you may ask… A LOT of talking. What do we talk about you ask… husbands, kids, finances, sex, our siblings, our parents, our dreams for the future, our crazy expectations of life before we had kids. Nothing is off-limits. I usually feel really bad for the people sitting at the table next to us. We always try to sit in the very back corner booth at a local restaurant so we don’t annoy the people around us. One of the last times we were talking pretty heavily about sex and this man in the booth next to us was clearly listening and he was even looking at us. AWKWARD! Maybe we need to stop going out and just get together at one of our houses.

Mari, Lynnsey & Me

Mari, Lynnsey & Me

All of our husbands are pretty amazing. They are very supportive of us needing to get out of the house every now and again. Having close girlfriends who are true friends and have your best interest at heart is like having a therapist on call. I can be having a terrible day but then I talk to one of my friends and my mood is lifted. We have been friends for a very long time, I have known these girls for 17 years, they have known each other longer.

If you read my post Amazing Friends then you already have and idea how much my friends mean to me so these girls nights are a necessity. I always come home refreshed. Just the drive alone is therapeutic. I turn the music up loud and sing and dance like I am 19 again. It’s crazy how music can do that to you.

Girls Night is something I do that helps me feel like me, not just a wife and mother. It helps keep me sane!

I want to hear about what keeps you sane… is it working out, drinking, a night out with friends, date night or a day alone cleaning?

❤ Sarah



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