Family Vacations

Thank heavens for family vacations.

We didn’t take an extravagant vacation we just tagged along with my husband on a work trip. This meant I did not have a car so were hung out at the hotel. My kids were ok with that. They had a heated pool so that was all they needed. I was harassed at 8am to go swimming… I was able to hold them off until 11am, but it was a lot of work. Then we had to get back in the pool in the evening!

Soooo Happy To Be In The Pool!

Soooo Happy To Be In The Pool!

I had grand plans to get tickets to this pirate dinner but they were conveniently sold out of the promo pricing. I hate these types of scams. The girls I spoke with on the phone were not exactly the most helpful and a tad bit rude. I’m not going to go into the whole story but it was aggravating. I was not about to spend $160 on tickets for a 90 minute show and have my one year old sit on my lap. So we hung out at the hotel and it was fun.

I didn’t come home feeling refreshed, I don’t think family vacations are meant for moms and dads. My boys on the other hand were so lovey and happy over the weekend. And if you knew my one year old you would know this is especially surprising because since the day he was born he has not been a cuddle bug or lovey! But this weekend he changed his ways. He was hugging and kissing and fell asleep in my arms on two different occasions.

Random Hugs at Dinner

Random Hugs at Dinner

I didn’t realize how badly my boys needed some undivided attention from me and my husband. I wasn’t pre occupied cleaning the house, doing laundry, blogging or anything else that eats up my attention.

New daily goal- Make spending one on one time with my boys a priority no matter how busy I feel. (Going with them outside while they play and I garden does NOT count!)

My Boys

My Boys

Please tell me I am not the only mom who lets their day get away from them and they forget that they decided to stay home not just to keep a home but to spend quality time raising their children.

❤ Sarah



3 thoughts on “Family Vacations

  1. your kids are the CUTEST!!! Sometimes we forget that it is the little things that make them happy. I recently had a convo with my dad who said: if you keep doing the extraordinary (for your kids), the extraordinary becomes ordinary. ((I was having a “I am failing miserably at motherhood week”)). I totally let things get away from me, and I try to make up to them with a big production… but I am learning to let my kids tell me what they want, which when i look back on my childhood is something I would have liked as well! Sorry for the long comment!

    • Thanks! I think they are cute but of course I am a little biased!

      Your dad is so right! Sometimes we try to do to much when it’s the little things that really go a long way. So I wasn’t alone this last week, I also had a miserable week! Motherhood is hard.

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