Chicken Time!

If you don’t have chickens now is the time to visit your local feed store and get some! I highly recommend them. I want some baby chicks so bad but I already have 6 chickens and unless we build a bigger coop there isn’t room for more. So I will have to wait on getting more of those cute fuzzy little things!

Why do I love my chickens so much you ask?

They are a crack up. Watching them is hilarious. They get scared really easy so they jump around a lot. They are so noisy. This may annoy some but I love it. I know when they are laying eggs and I know when they is another animal in the yard annoying them. One time I was laying in bed and I knew something was wrong in my back yard because of their noises. I went out and we caught a coyote trying to find his breakfast. At that time we lost 2 roosters but all my chickens had made their way up into a tree to hide. I thought they were all dead but about 45 minutes later they made their way down. They are pretty smart!

And that whole “pecking order” is totally true. I can always tell which of my ladies is running the coop. If they don’t like one of the others they literally peck out that chickens feathers. It’s quite mean. One time there was one chicken who wasn’t allowed up into the coop. I don’t know why they are like this but it makes for interesting entertainment.

I love that when I have fruits and veggies that we didn’t eat up fast enough I never feel guilty because I just give it to the chickens as a treat. They love it! I almost always have a bowl of scaps to give to them in my kitchen.

scraps for the chickens Chickens feasting on their treats




Gathering eggs is so much fun for kids. One of my nieces used to beg to get the eggs. It was really cute! And yes it’s fun for adults too.

Eggs in the coop Gathering Eggs




Lastly, I love fresh eggs! I never have to buy eggs anymore. That’s pretty cool to. It’s fun being able to supply your own food and not have to rely on the grocery store. There have been times I have been out of eggs and have had to wait by the coop for my ladies to lay so I could get my baking done!

Egg Breakfast

I hope this helped anyone who might have been on the fence about getting chickens! I am not really a pet person but I LOVE my ladies

❤ Sarah





6 thoughts on “Chicken Time!

  1. Our city has just recently allowed chickens in people’s backyards. I have asked my husband about this because I think they are so cute. Our problem is that our dog would take one look at them and think “Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!” 🙂
    Amanda at His and Her Hobbies

    • That is exactly what that dog would think! I have had to chase random dogs off with a bb gun for thinking like that!! lol You could always start with a small coop and just a couple hens. You’d love it and it’d be a good project for you and your husband.

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