Amazing Friends

You know the people you can turn to when you need to talk, vent or just need a pick me up? Those people are what I call my friends. They are not just friends, they are amazing friends. They are my best friends. I may only have a hand full of good friends but it’s all I need.

My Amazing Friends

They are the people who have been in my life for YEARS not months. They know me and accept my annoying personality traits! They are the people who know my parents, brothers, kids and husband. They even know my in laws. They know what ups and downs I have been through in life. They know what makes me tick. These people KNOW me.

There may be a few of my best friends that I only talk to every couple of weeks instead of every day. But it never feels awkward. We can always pick up where we left off and that’s what makes them my best friends. One may live a few states away and we don’t get to see each other enough, but that’s ok! We know how to pick up a phone and cry into that instead of on a shoulder. And my free bird friend who lives across the world, I miss you! And then there is my best friend who has to hear my annoying voice sometimes 3 times a day… Glad you still answer!

Each of us is SOOOO different from each other. From religion to the way we dress, we are different. I love it; I really think it helps our friendships. Who wants 5 friends exactly like themselves? Not me that would get annoying!

Cheers to AMAZING friends, life would be very lonely without you!

❤ Sarah




7 thoughts on “Amazing Friends

  1. This post was TOO cute! I can definitely relate: I have a few close friends that are really important to me. Also, thanks for your comment about the video on my blog! I had no idea it wasnt working – unfortunately I had to delete the original post and re-post, so I lost your comment. Cant wait to see your “B” post today!

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