Spring Cleaning Floors Edition

I have had pretty good week for as far as getting things done around my house. I had a few weeks of pure laziness, it was terrible. Anyways, I kind of started my spring cleaning. I would love to be able to scrub my house from top to bottom but having two little ones at home makes it nearly impossible. This week I was able to scrub my kitchen and mop my floors. I don’t mop my floors nearly enough these days. What a difference having clean floors does for a home!

I <3 Clean Floors

I Love Clean Floors!

It’s nice to be able to walk barefoot in my kitchen and dining area with out cheerios getting stuck on the bottom of my foot!

A few days later I started on my living room. I moved everything around and cleaned my windows, dusted my blinds & curtains, vacuumed and steam cleaned my carpets. I have to clean my carpets every two months or so. I have the cheapy builders grade carpet and it’s pretty light so it shows EVERYTHING!! I hate it. I can’t wait for the day I can replace it. To make myself feel better about the carpet I clean it often so it’s gets a little fluffy and less matted down.

I bought this this arm & hammer soap to use it in my carpet cleaner. BIG mistake. It was sooo sudsy and I couldn’t go very far with out having to dump out my dirty water because there were so many suds in the canister. I went ahead and used the whole bottle because I’m cheap like that. As I used the last cup or so I noticed something…

2X Concentrated

2X Concentrated

I couldn’t believe I used the whole bottle with out diluting it. I want to explain myself a little bit. I do believe I had a blonde moment, but look at what the bottle says that I normally use…

2X Concentrated Power

2X Concentrated Power

Now isn’t that confusing!!



Arm and Hammer

Arm and Hammer

I will say that I will most likely stick with my Hoover brand cleaner but maybe someday I might try the cheaper brand again. I didn’t take pictures of my before and after of my carpets but you will have to trust me.. They look a hundred times better!

Is anyone else out there staring their spring cleaning?

❤ Sarah








4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Floors Edition

  1. I am putting my foot down this weekend about my husband and I getting our bedroom clean. Enough is enough with that. While I haven’t started spring cleaning officially, I have managed to keep the few places I have already deep cleaned in pretty good shape.

  2. LOL That was not your fault!!
    I started my floors the other day, I have a ton of tile so mine gets done in sections other wise I get too winded! 😉

    • Isn’t that annoying??

      I can’t decide if carpet that hides the dirt is better or just having to clean tile or wood regularly! When I mop my kitchen I break a sweat so I can only imagine what its like cleaning your house!!

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