Garden Time

I FINALLY got my garden going. I was so excited and ambitious a month or two ago and then I lost all motivation, to do anything around my house! But this week I finally got myself up and running. I have been very productive and it feels soooo good.

The best way for me to get motivated is to head outside, so I did just that. I did some yard work and took pictures of the few flowers I have in the yard. I was taking pictures of my rosemary bush and I got a picture of a bee, I love it, then my son came up behind me with a stick and started hitting my rosemary bush. Lets just say I went running because I was stung by a bee recently so I am now deathly afraid.

I Love My Flowers!

I Love My Flowers!

Now on to my work in the garden…

Planted My Tomato Plants

Planted My Tomatoes

Caged The Tomatoes

Caged The Tomatoes









I have learned to put cages on my tomatoes very early. One year I didn’t put my cages up right away and before I knew it my plants were big and it was such a headache to try and get my cages on. I have also in the past not used cages and let me say I believe they are worth the investment! I planted 4 regular big slicing tomato pants and 4 roma tomato plants. I pefer the roma tomatoes in my salsa.

4 Red Bell Pepper & 5 Green Bell Pepper Plants

4 Red Bell Pepper & 5 Green Bell Pepper Plants

I am a big fan of bell peppers I love the cooked, fresh, in salads, in casserole’s, in my spaghetti… They are just so delicious! I like to grow quite a few so that I can freeze what I don’t need immediately. I use them in all kinds of casseroles and crock pot recipes. There is space for 3 more pepper plants. I will be planting jalapenos as soon as I can get my hands on some.

I am left with two open planters. I will be planting cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and tomatillos. I think I will be planting some herbs in pots this year.


Just a little Décor for my garden!

Just a little Décor for my garden!

What is everyone else planting this year?

❤ Sarah


2 thoughts on “Garden Time

    • DO IT!! Even if its just a little one its so rewarding. And how nice to be able to grab herbs from your garden versus buying them at a store. (And they are easy to handle to. That’s always a plus!)

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