Summer Trip Planning

I know Spring just arrived but I’m already thinking about Summer. We usually go on 2 camping trips in the summer but this year we already have 4 planned! Woooo Hoooo! The problem is I need to make sure our finances can handle it. Luckily camping trips can be pretty inexpensive for us since we have most everything we need. I usually just have to budget for food, gas and our space fee if we are staying at a park. Today we made reservations for 2 of our trips so it hit me that we are only a month away from our first camping trip. So I sat down and budgeted it all out. I just made a list for each trip and laid out how much I think each will cost. Now as we do our monthly budgets we can take the cost of these trips into consideration.

Planning ahead for these trips will help ease the stress that can come as things start adding up. With so many camping trips planned I will have to watch our grocery budgets. When we go camping for 3 days I can easily spend over $200. FOR ONE WEEKEND!! That’s just crazy. When we are at home I spend just over $200 for 2 weeks of groceries! My goal for these trips is to spend about $120. I will basically cut out all the junk food we usually pack.

Entertainment Expenses

For each trip I have allowed for a small buffer. This is just incase we go into town and get lunch or want to pick up something random. In April our trip to LA is super cheap because the kids and I are tagging along with the husband on a work trip so we don’t have to pay for gas or hotel. We are taking the kids to a Pirates Dinner Adventure. It’s a dinner and we get to watch a pirate show I think the kids will love it! The rest of our trips are just regular camping trips.

***I definitely feel that it is much easier for us to plan and budget for these trips given we have paid off all of our smaller debts. Our truck loan will be paid off by April so it really frees up some cash. After the truck payment our only debt besides the home is our travel trailer. As of May we will start making HUGE payments towards it. Our goal s to have it paid off by summer 2015 but that feels like a hefty goal. After our July camping trip we wont be going anywhere until hunting season hits in the fall so we will use those couple of months to get back on a hardcore baby step #2 debt elimination. If we were really following Dave’s plan we wouldn’t being going on these trips but I just can’t give up that much! He’d be disappointed I am sure. I’m just going to think o this Summer as a reward for our progress so far. 😉

How do you all plan and budget for vacation?

❤ Sarah


4 thoughts on “Summer Trip Planning

  1. Summer is my favorite, favorite season and I can’t wait. Growing up in New Jersey a girl can appreciate a season such as this. Unfortunately due to me living all the way in Japan it’s really expensive for me to fly back home, but I am planning to go on a vacation to a nearby country sometime in August…and most important this sometime I will be traveling debt free. Don’t need to celebrate….I’m over here already celebrating by myself….Lol.

    • How nice to get to do some fun international traveling while being stationed over seas!! I’m Jealous.

      Traveling debt free is more fun then traveling with debt for sure! My Vegas trip I went on a few weeks back was the first trip I think I have ever taken and paid for it entirely with cash! I love it! I feel like I spend less this way to.

  2. Nice budgeting! It looks like we will be debt free at the same time: we are scheduled for Apr 2015! We are also scheduling a Disney trip in June that we are cash flowing. Have fun on your trips and I think it is great that you have a balanced approach!

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