Cute Plastic Bag Holder

I always have plastic bags from grocery stores floating around my pantry I hate it! I cleaned out my pantry and re organized it as a part of my kitchen spring cleaning but I still wasn’t happy with all those plastic bags hanging out on my floor. I know what your thinking I should just start bringing in my reusable bags when I shop and stop complaining. We use these plastics bags so often that they are a necessity in our home. We use the bags as trash bags in our bathroom trash cans and we use them to wrap up stinky diapers so they don’t smell up our house.



I saw a plastic bag holder at Wal-Mart a few weeks back and thought I can make that! They were selling theirs for almost $13! I made mine with scraps from past projects. So it was next to free and only took about 30 minutes. I made this as quick and easy as I could so there are some raw edges. If I was lucky enough to own a serger I would have serged the edges but I don’t. 🙂

Here is how I made mine…

What I used-

  • one piece of fabric measuring 15″x20″
  • 2 pieces of coordinating material measuring 15″x6″
  • elastic
  • coordinating thread

#1. Iron your fabric and cut to above measurements


#2. Lay your 15″x6″ pieces at the ends of your main piece of fabric face down. It should look like the picture below. The pieces of material should be right sides together. Now pin in place.


#3. Now sew the pieces of fabric together at each end. Fold open the to pieces of fabric. Next iron each seam so that it folds down towards the main piece of fabric.


#4. After you iron the seam we are going to sew right below the seam. Do this to both ends. This will help keep the material laying flat. It also helps make your project look more professional.


#5. At the top and bottom of the project go ahead and fold down the material so that it measures 1/4″ and iron. This is going to help us avoid raw edges when we add the elastic.


#6. Fold your material in half, you want it to start resembling a long tub. Pin it in place and sew the opening closed.


#7. With your material still inside out press your seam open.


#8. Start with the top of your. Fold your material down again and pin. You want to fold it down far enough so that there is room to slide your elastic through.


#9. Sew all the way around the opening but be sure to leave a 1 inch opening so we can pull your elastic through.


#10.  Cut your elastic for the top opening to measure 10 inches. Once it is in there I pinned the elastic to the beginning of where I started feeding the elastic through. This makes sure I don’t accidentally pull it all the way through. I have this gadget that I can poke into the hole and it grabs the elastic to help pull it out. I have no idea what it’s called but its helpful.


#11. As you pull the elastic out you will have to push all the fabric together. It will look like a really small whole. Now we can sew the two ends of the elastic together so that it makes a small circle.


#12. Now that your elastic is sewn together you can slide it in and pull your material tight so that we can sew that opening shut.

089 #13. Sew your opening shut and now the top opening is done!


#14. Repeat steps #8 thru #13 for the bottom opening but you will want your elastic to measure 7 inches. We want the top opening to be slightly larger so that it is easier to toss your plastic bags in but the bottom we want smaller so that your bags don’t fall out.

#15. Now sewn on some ribbon so you can hang your brand new plastic bag holder and fill it with all those annoying bags!


And that is it! There might be a lot of steps but it comes together very quick!


❤ Sarah





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