Nutty Series #1

  • Ok it’s really not all that nutty but it is a series about nuts… walnuts that is.

Since we live in a walnut orchard I thought it might be fun and somewhat interesting to document this years crop. From the trees beginning to get leaves all the way into the fall when they are harvested and begin to loose their leaves. I know the just of what happens throughout the season but documenting this process will allow me to learn more. I will be picking at my father in laws brain through out the next 7 months.

Right now our trees are pretty bare. They are definitely reminding me that we are still in the winter season, at least for a few more days!001But even though they look bare things are happening. You have to look closely and you will see the trees are producing Catkins. These are what pollinate the trees.

005013  Not all the trees are pollinating trees there are only a few that actually do this in an orchard, but all the trees produce these funny things that end up all over my yard and the orchard. The male flowers do the pollinating and they do this by being blown by the wind. Almond trees for example need bees to pollinate but walnuts are self pollinating.  My father in law said that the trees that actually do the pollinating are the trees that start budding and growing the Catkins a little later. This helps with the pollination process. For the last 2 years my oldest son has been really afraid of the Catkins. I think he thought they were big worms or something, not sure but it was pretty cute. We will see how he reacts to them this year. 011

We can see the leaf buds forming as well. Once these little buds really start growing we will see little flowers that get pollinated and that will soon be our very healthy, very delicious walnuts.

014 003

Fun Fact: Walnut trees are Deciduous trees. Thanks to watching sesame street with my boys I know that they are Deciduous because every fall they shed their leaves… ALL OVER MY YARD!!

Did you all know what a Deciduous tree was?? Please tell me that my schools failed me and it wasn’t because I was paying more attention to boys then the teacher! 🙂

❤ Sarah


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