Welcoming Warm Weather

It is getting pretty warm in our neck of the woods. Like 80 degrees warm. This warm weather is reminding me of all the things I need to get done. Things like Spring cleaning, planting my garden, planting some flowers to brighten up the yard and patio and more Spring cleaning. I don’t know what is going on but I can’t get motivated to get any of it done! I have even been a little lazy when it comes to my crafts I have been working on. Maybe I need to ban myself from my computer for a few days until I get my butt into gear.

I have been working on a few things to sell online but I have decided that the time is just not right it was seriously stressing me out so I decided maybe in the future I might try to sell some of my items. In the mean time I will keep making things for fun and to give away. I have been having so much fun making my wood blocks. I made a couple of these “Spring” block sets. They are cute I just love them. If you want to make them yourself you can use the tutorial from my Valentine Wood Blocks.


My husbands co-worker had a baby a few weeks back and he will be seeing him soon so I wanted to make sure he took him a little something. I got some necessities for them but I also wanted to give them something a little more personal so I made them a set of small blocks that spell their son’s name. I need to make a set for my little guy he loves them. I like them because it’s a fun craft that doesn’t consume my entire day.


Hopefully I will have a few other crafts to post this week but no promises, like I have said I haven’t been to motivated lately! It’s weird because normally this weather really helps get me up and going.

Am I the only person around having trouble finding motivation lately??

❤ Sarah


4 thoughts on “Welcoming Warm Weather

  1. Love the blocks!! I need to make those…As far as motivation, writing lists help me. Also, watching YouTube “how to” videos give me inspiration as well as motivation to get myself in gear. The warm weather must be so nice right now!! Enjoy, my friend!

    • Thanks. I think they are a lot of fun to make! When I go online trying to get motivated it back fires… I end up wasting hours of my time just browsing. lol maybe I need to work on my self control!!

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