What Happened To My March Budget??

We are almost half way through March and I feel like a financial mess! Ok it’s not really that bad I am just being dramatic. Our Vegas trip just put a wrench in my normal budgeting method. First off I didn’t pull cash out last payday for gas, groceries and those sorts of things so we have been using our debit card for everything. It is amazing how fast money goes when you use a debit card versus cash. I LOVE the cash system! I can’t over spend or accidentally spend money that was supposed to go somewhere else. With the envelope system I know if I am spending money from another area. Anyways its time to get back on the wagon… the financial wagon of course.

I was talking with someone in Vegas and we somehow started talking about Dave Ramsey, blah blah blah, long story short it somehow came up about paying for our trip to Vegas. She surprisingly said “So you are paying cash for your whole trip?” That question surprised me in a few ways. First, I was excited and proud to say YES, because we worked hard to set money aside for this trip. I think it is the first trip I have ever taken and didn’t use a credit card, not one single time. Secondly, because it trips me out that we are so quick to just charge whatever we want to credit cards instead of saving for things. It is so rewarding to save for something and then to get it.

I know that there are valleys and hills in life and you never know what challenges you will be faced with next. But I hope that my husband and I never have to rely on credit cards. I hope that we have learned our lessons and that we now know what it feels like to be able to control our wants and save for things instead of being impulsive. I can’t get over how easy it has been to get my husband on board with Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step Program, I am the numbers nerd so it comes natural for me, but I was not expecting him jump on board as quick as he did. This is the only reason we have been able to make the progress we have in the last few months. I just want to stand on a mountain top a scream to the world that only we have the power to change things in our lives and it is easier than you think if you just set goals and limitations for yourself.

I didn’t set any financial goals at the beginning of the month so I am going to do it now. It’s never to late to set goals! So these goals are things I want/need to get done before the end of March.

  1. Pay another $100 toward my mother in laws graduation party
  2. Make a $770 payment towards our truck (double payment)
  3. Cancel my old life insurance policy (3/16)
  4. Take pictures of the items I have ready to list on Etsy and FINALLY list them
  5. Finish up a few more things to sale on Etsy
  6. Finally finish Dave Ramsey’s book “More Than Enough” (So I can then FINALLY finish one of my sister in laws books, I’m terrible!)

In a few days its payday so at that point I will get back on the cash system. Even my husband agreed that it is much easier to follow a budget when we are using the envelope system. He got so use to the cash system he tried to use his debit card the other day and couldn’t remember his pin, he had to use it as credit. I thought that was pretty funny!

Have you ever tried using the cash system aka envelope system? Did you love it or hate it?


2 thoughts on “What Happened To My March Budget??

  1. We love Dave Ramsey! Yes, we’ve used the cash envelope system. I have to say we stopped for a while…we really should get back to it! “Debt is dumb and cash is king!” 🙂 This has been a difficult winter with January’s electric bill – $718! and last month’s – $596! *Ouch!* I feel like you…where did we get off track? We can do this, though! 😉

    • Those are crazy electric bills! We see high electric bills in the summer but not that high! Its easy to get off track when you see those kinds of bills. We can do it. I live that saying from Dave Ramsey! Its so true.

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