Home From Vegas!

After 4 days in Las Vegas I have to say I am so happy to be home! Don’t get me wrong Vegas was a lot of fun and a much needed vacation for my husband and I but it is nice to be home.


Here are 5 reasons I am happy to be home…

  1. I missed my boys! They were asleep when we got home so I didn’t get the welcome home I was hoping for! 😦 We are selfish parents we had to wake them up!
  2. My house was spotless when I left for Vegas. It felt SO good to come home to a clean house!
  3. Where I live is so much more beautiful then Vegas.
  4. I won a little money in Vegas so my husband and I were able to help treat my brother-in-law to a nice BBQ for his housewarming gift. It feels good to be able to give to someone who deserve it.
  5. I was enjoying gambling more than I expected to (obviously because I won $$) so if I stayed any longer I might have started spending my winnings.

I am not a gambler. I hate losing money so its not in my nature to gamble. My husband and I went down to the old strip Fremont Street and had lunch. We wanted to try a buffet at one of the casinos so we went in and my husband had immediately spotted some nickel machines he wanted to play but we decided to have lunch first. After lunch we played at a few slots and then made our way to the progressive slots my husband had been eyeing.


Let me tell you that it is very important to play max bet if you are hoping to win some money! The machines we sat down at were cheap and max bet was only twenty-five cents. After playing for about 3 minutes my machine started going crazy and making all these noises. I felt my face get hot I didn’t want to get excited because I thought I might have won but I really had no idea what was going on. Sure enough I won the jack pot! I’m not talking a $20k jack pot I am talking a $691 jack pot! Ha Ha Ha! Big or small I was excited to have won! We left Vegas with more cash then we went there with. I have heard the secret is to do your gambling down on Fremont Street not the Strip.

I can say that if you have never been to Las Vegas it’s definitely worth visiting at least once! We saw a few shows that I scored some sweet deals on thanks to Budget Loving Military Wife. She had posted about a sale Groupon was having and I saved like $20 off the already great deals on Groupon. At one of the shows people were asking me about my Groupon and come to find out they had paid double for the same exact ticket. It pays to plan ahead!

We met up with some of my husbands work friends the first night we were there, it was a blast! They go to Vegas every year so it was great they got to show us first timers around. We partied like we were 21 again, except we paid for it big time the next day!


❤ Sarah


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