Couponing- Bad For My Waist Line

Couponing is new to me so of course its exciting and fun, but boy has it been addicting! I think my husband has started to get annoyed with my new hobby and I don’t blame him! Between the amount of time I spend researching deals and all the junk food that has entered my house in the last few weeks, I know I have a problem.

I ran across some great deals on junk food and bought a few things I definitely did not need. Things like swiss chocolate rolls and lots of candy bars for like .12. We don’t usually keep that kind of stuff in the house. Now that I am like 5lbs heavier because I have NO self-control I have decided I have to be much choosier with my couponing excursions. This was one of my complaints before I really got into couponing. It seems like there is an abundance of junk food coupons and just a few coupons for healthy fresh foods. I do have to say that I have got 1lb of strawberries for .49 a few times, that was super exciting!

I have been in the honeymoon phase so every deal seems amazing and I just have to take advantage of them all. Well not any more. Now that I have the hang of couponing and have a better idea of how cheap I can typically get items, I feel a little more in control.

As I realized that I had been making some bad couponing decisions and I came across an article from The Krazy Coupon Lady’s Website that made me realize that even professional couponers have limits!

Here are a few more things I have learned about couponing.

  1. Buy only things that you need or will use. Don’t get caught up in buying things like Fixodent just because it’s free. Unless of course someone close to you can benefit from the item.
  2. Don’t stock up on junk food just because its cheap. That $1 you spent on 8 snickers bars will come to bite you in your fat ass! Trust me from my own bad experience.
  3. If you have a good stock of an item don’t feel obligated to buy more just because its $2 off. That deal will come again I promise! I am trying to only purchase things now that I have a reasonable stock of if I can get for free or next to free. No need to tie up money on items that I wont use until a year from now.
  4. Be generous with you steals and deals! Couponing for me is much more fun when I get to share my goodies.

❤ Sarah



2 thoughts on “Couponing- Bad For My Waist Line

  1. You give some excellent advice in this post 🙂

    Another trick I keep in the back of my mind is to remember: why do these coupons even exist? They must be trying to get you to buy something that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy. No company gives stuff away for nothing, so there is always a catch! Mostly, they are playing a psychological game with you, to introduce you to new products, or to get rid of stockpiled goods, or as part of an advertising agreement with another company.

    Make sure *you* are in control, and not the other way around. Otherwise they just took money off you that you wouldn’t have spent!

    I’m new to couponing (it’s not big in Australia … yet) but I’m very familiar with big brand attempts to trick you out of your hard earned cash!

    • Exactly! I am aware of the companies tactics but sometimes I still can’t resist a deal… I am not as addicted as I was at the beginning so I am doing a better job a making sure I am only shopping for things I actually need and would be buying with or without a coupon. But at first well that’s a different story! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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