Final February Numbers

I opened a bottle of wine and did it, the dreaded task of going through my February receipts. I don’t normally keep every receipt and then go over them at the end of the month but I wanted to calculate my spending and compare it to my budget. First of all I have to say I cannot believe how much we spend. I don’t feel like we are “spenders” some of my family has actually called me cheap. It just blows my mind how fast money goes and how hard we have to work to bring it in. Anyways, I will not go on a crazy rant about that I’ll get back on point.


Yes, that’s ice in my wine… I like it VERY cold sometimes!

So here are the stats. These are our variable expenses. I don’t need to analyze my fixed expenses those are pretty boring just mortgage, loan payments and utilities.

Variable Expenses


Actual Spent

Groceries  $         500.00  $                  454.03
Household  $            78.00  $                    77.78
Toiletries  $            60.00  $                  110.83
Medicine & etc  $                   –  $                    21.48
Clothing  $         330.00  $                  255.83
Gas  $         225.00  $                  200.18
Gifts  $            40.00  $                  103.25
HairCuts  $            54.00  $                    54.00
Josh Money  $         160.00  $                  160.00
Garden  $            60.00  $                           –
Entertainment  $         100.00  $                    35.00
Preschool  $         187.00  $                  153.00
Fast Food  $                   –  $                    47.10
Feed for Chickens  $                   –  $                    13.95
Pest Control Service  $                   –  $                    45.00
Baby Items  $                   –  $                    58.78
 $      1,794.00  $              1,790.21

I was surprised to see we stayed under our grocery budget. I used the leftover cash on a couple of my couponing excursions. That worked out pretty well. I nearly doubled my toiletries budget, I stocked up on a lot of items I got on sale in this area so I shouldn’t have to spend to much in this area for a few months. The same thing goes for the unexpected baby expenses, I found some deals on diapers so I bought for March.

Our gift area was much higher than we anticipated because we gave my uncle a gift card as a thank you for all of his help building our back patio cover. I gave up my garden money as a part of this thank you.

About our clothing budget, normally I will just pick up a few things here and there but this month I budgeted some money so my husband and I could go clothing shopping. This is not normal, maybe this might happen twice a year.  To help explain “Josh Money” this is my husband’s money he uses when he is on the road and the money he uses to buy his cigarettes… Terrible I know! He has tried to quit and he will try again.

All in all we did pretty darn good for our first month on such a strict budget. We met all the financial goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the month and we paid off some debts.

Update on our debt snowball


Paid in February


Kohls  $                210.00  $                           –
Cabelas Visa  $                985.00  $                           –
Lowes  $             2,100.00  $                           –
Student Loan  $                   60.00  $              1,681.00
Truck  $                387.00  $              2,281.00
Trailer  $                327.00  $            20,400.00
 $             4,069.00  $            24,362.00

It’s amazing how easy it is to handle your finances when you make a plan. (Then blog about it so you have some accountability! :p )

❤ Sarah


2 thoughts on “Final February Numbers

  1. You paid off some debts? YOU PAID OFF THREE CREDIT CARDS! That is not “some debts” Holy smokes THAT IS AWESOME! I’m excited to pay off a $2.62 medical bill…LOL!!!! You guys did freaking AWESOME and if you’re not jumping up and down with excitement I’ll find you and smack you int he side of the head! 😉

    You also stayed under budget while stockpiling for future months. It’s just going to get easier and easier the more you’re able to do that. You’ll probably be shocked to see how much extra play room you have in the budget next month.

    Based on your numbers that student loan will be gone and if you played your numbers just right- like cut clothing next month your truck would be gone too. How exciting!!!!

    Josh’s money- In blogger world so many of us like to pretend like we’re perfect and don’t have vices. My husband and I both smoke. We have also quit before and it’s on the horizon again…mostly to get rid of debt and of course for the reasons every smoker knows they should quit.

    GREAT JOB!!!!!!

    • THANKS so much for the encouragement! I was pumped with our progress. Every month wont be like this but being responsible with our tax refund helped with the debts! The old us would have taken that money and blown it, I know this because some how last year we sold a vehicle and blew through that $5500… I cant even remember where that money went, lol!

      Im hoping to stay motivated and on track. We can tell how our mindset has changed about spending money, for now at least!

      Ya the smoking! I don’t pressure him to quit or anything I know he wants to but its hard and I get that. If I had to give up my wine I would probably cry!

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