Making My Boys Share A Room

After having baby #2 my husband and I decided that the boys would have separate rooms. Not because we are such sweet considerate parents but because we thought it would be easier. You know, having them go to separate rooms when they are in trouble and napping and bed time routines would just be easier to deal with. Now that baby #2 is a toddler and running around I had noticed that I was having to clean up A LOT of messes. One morning I looked into the rooms and they were both a disaster. I began cleaning them and noticed each room was filled with toys from the other room, that was so irritating. I talked with the husband and he was all for putting the boys in one room. This meant that he would be able to have an office. Currently he works from home about half the time and we had set up a section of our bedroom and turned it into his office. I have to say I was pretty excited about the idea as well. This meant that I wouldn’t have to work on my crafts at our dining room table and I would get my bedroom back!

Here are the boys rooms before… A BIG MESS!

2014-02-261 2014-02-262

So the husband was out of state for a few days on a business trip and I went to town! Here is how I made the transition from 2 rooms to 1 in just 3 hours! When mama gets in the zone here is no stopping!

  1. Cleaned both rooms including closets
  2. Bagged up all old toys and clothes and set aside to take to donation
  3. Moved toddlers room around to make room for his big brother
  4. Took big brothers bed apart and moved it into the toddlers room since it is the bigger room
  5. Moved over all big brothers toys over to the new room
  6. Moved over big brothers clothes


The room isn’t decorated nor is there any thing on the walls. As soon as the toddler is ready to transition from the crib to a big boy bed we will be setting up bunk beds and at that time I will have a little fun and decorate! I am hoping by the end of the year this will happen.

I was extremely worried about having the boys sleep in the same room. Our toddler has always been a light sleeper, but after 3 nights they have both slept through the night and have not bothered each other! These are a few things that I did that helped with our transition. One of my best friends went through this a few months ago so she gave me a few tips as well.

  1. Make sure older sibling is on board. I talked about it and got him all hyped up a few days before I actually made the move
  2. Get the kids involved if you can. Big brother decided what he was willing to donate to help consolidate the rooms
  3. Make it fun. We are in process of creating a “Craft” area in the extra room just for the kids. Big brother was stoked about this
  4. Don’t push napping in the same room. Our toddler is a light sleeper so napping together hasn’t worked for us. No biggie big brother naps on our bed
  5. Let your light sleeper go to bed first and enter a deeper sleep before having the other sibling go to bed. For us this is easy because our toddler goes to bed extremely early.
  6. The kids may take to the transition quickly or it may take a few weeks. Just go with the flow

Now I am off to organize my new craft room! I hope I will have some pictures up soon!

❤ Sarah


4 thoughts on “Making My Boys Share A Room

  1. Thank you for sharing this article quite interesting and, hopefully true happiness rays began to warm our hearts, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂

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