Happy Love Day!

Its Valentines Day! I know people think of today as a very commercial day, but its fun! Especially having little ones in the house. My boys are running around with their little balloons and chocolates I bought them at the dollar sore. They are easy to please.

Its my preschoolers first Valentines Party at school, they are having a pajama pizza party. You could probably guess the letter they are learning this week is P. We made little cookie treat bags for him to take to his classmates. I used my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Its one that came with my kitchenAid mixer. I made them mini cookies and used white chocolate morsels and regular semi sweat chocolate. They were very tasty! It’s a good thing there weren’t many left over after we bagged them up!


I used my silhouette to cut out tags and we wrote their names on each tag and then my son got to stamp hearts on the tags. He had fun stamping. Of course he couldn’t keep his hands out of the ink! The cool thing about his valentines is that I didn’t have to spend any money! I had everything on hand! My annoying stock pile of craft supplies sure does pay off sometimes.


Next it was on to a little something for the hubby. At Christmas time he loved these chocolate covered pretzels I made and I had left over supplies so I made a few before he got home from work.

  • 1c of white chocolate morsels
  • 2 tsp of canola oil
  • 10 pretzel sticks
  • sprinkles if you feel fancy

I melted my chocolate in my makeshift double broiler. lol. A frying pan with water in it, then a sauce pan with my chocolate chips and canola oil. I’m super Okie like that. I’ve done it for years and it works so I haven’t needed to spend the money on an actual double broiler!


Once your chocolate is melted dip your pretzels into the chocolate and with a spoon you can cover as much of the pretzels as you want. Work fast though, if white chocolate is hot for to long it starts to harden… and yes I am speaking from experience! You can sprinkle on some colored sugar if you want but make sure you do it before you set it down and move on to the next pretzel. Place your pretzels on parchment paper and let cool. And you are all done.


Package it up all cutesy for your someone special and now you are really done.


Last thing I did was make my hubby a card. Since I had my silhouette machine out I used it. I already had the design in my library, probably from one of their free weekly downloads, so this was super quick. No time wasted trying to find a card. I loved the way it came out. I even made an envelope for it. So fun.


I hope you all have a fun corny day full of hugs and kisses!

❤ Sarah






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