Another Try At Couponing…

Well I decided to try to coupon again… I am very disappointed. I got a few good deals but as I was researching sales ads and printing coupons I felt good and was super confident!

Then I got to the store! Once again items I saw online in their sales ad weren’t in stock. Different store this time. Oh well, life goes on. My friend was telling me about a coupon party people are doing around here. It cost $20 to attend and they teach you how to coupon. Maybe it might be worth it. I’d love to hear from people who have done it before and get a better idea of what it’s about. I don’t want to just shell out $20 you know??

Ok so I went to CVS today and this is what I got…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI spent $22.95 not including tax. Here is my breakdown. The original non sale price is in parenthesis. Some of the items I purchased I received CVS bucks to use on my next transaction those are in bold and have an asterisk, which I immediately used as you will see.

  • Crest Pro Health Mouthwash x2– ($5.49) Sale $3.99- $1 off coupon= $2.99 at register each  *$6 cvs bucks earned total
  • Dimetapp Kids Cough Syrup- ($7.79) Sale $4.99- $1 off coupon= $3.99 at register
  • Robitussin Cough Syrup- ($8.29) Sale $4.99- $1 off coupon= $3.99 at register (*Bought 2 cold medicines so I earned $3 cvs bucks)
  • Playtex Tampons- $8.99 *$3 cvs bucks earned

I earned $12 in cvs bucks so I immediately purchased a few more things

  • Excerdrin- $4.99- $2 in coupons= $2.99
  • Smoking Loon Chard (for valentines day of course!) on Sale for $6.99
  • Gummy bears for the kiddos .88

I lost almost $2 in cvs bucks because I didn’t buy enough to use all $12… With 2 little boys not being very good I didn’t have time to think about just grabbing a few candy bars to get to the $12. Live and Learn!

On the plus side I only purchased things I needed and didn’t get sucked into buying other things just because I had a coupon.

I WILL keep trying to use coupons, maybe I will get better!

❤ Sarah





4 thoughts on “Another Try At Couponing…

  1. Hey, looks like you did pretty good for your first try. Skip the coupon class. There are soooo many websites where you can learn to coupon. Krazy Koupon Lady and Living Well Spending Less are two that have GREAT beginners info on couponing.

    Also, and I might be way overstepping here, but have you looked at Diva cups? I highly recommend them! $40.00-ish investment and mine is still in excellent shape.

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