A Day In The Life Of Sarah

I got inspired by Nicole at a woven life, you can find her here she had a post titled a photo an hour. It was fun to see inside her day and it looked like something fun to do.

So on a random Tuesday I decided to challenge myself and see if I could manage to take a picture every hour of my day… even if I wasn’t doing much of anything! So here I go.

We slept in pretty late this morning it was about 7:30, we had a late night with our littlest one, he’s teething… Again! So first thing first, Coffee! Then I paid some bills since we got our tax refund deposited into our account! Yipee…. but boo because it goes to our stinkin’ debt snowball… Thanks Dave Ramsey! 🙂


In the 8 o’clock hour after our 3 year old was off to preschool, it was laundry time!! See how much fun I have!


About 9:30 after a few cups of coffee I decided it breakfast time, lately my go to breakfast has been and egg sandwich in an English muffin with Canadian Bacon… Mmmmm.


Now it’s practically time to pick up our 3 year old from preschool… those 3 hours fly by! But before I can pick him up its time to pick up the house! When my bed isn’t made my whole room just feels messy. But if my bed is made and my room is messy it doesn’t feel as dirty. Weird. So my 10 o’clock hour was spent cleaning.


It’s now 11:15 and I swing by to pick up my preschooler and take him to his teeth cleaning appointment. We are in and out quickly so that was nice. He was such a good boy.


We got home around 12:15 and what do you know… more laundry to do!


In between lunch and trying to put the kids down for a nap I decided to try to make my tags for some of my pieces I will hopefully be selling soon. They have been a task. I was supposed to print my image “mirrored” but I didn’t and didn’t realize until I was ironing them onto my fabric. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t be trying to multitask these days.


Then I spent the next hour trying to figure out how to print my image mirrored… I’m using word because I don’t have any photo editing or print shop programs on my computer. Come to find out I can’t print a mirrored image in word… AFTER A WHOLE HOUR OF RESEARCHING HOW TO DO THIS!!! Silly me!


From 3 to 4 there are not any pictures… I laid down with my 3 year old to help him go to sleep and well I fell asleep to. It was a very nice much needed nap!

After waking up from my little nap I was still tired so I opened up a magazine I had just got in the mail and put on millionaire matchmaker and relaxed. It isn’t very often that my boys nap at the same time so I was taking advantage of it!


It’s now 5 and my husband had to run to Lowes to pick up part of our roof for our back patios cover and we made it a family affair.


Before we went to Lowes we took advantage of Denny’s kids eat free Tuesdays! We had never done that before so it was cool that they got to eat free. I never complain about free things or not having to cook.


We got home about 6:30 it was now bath time and relax time. My husband played Legos with the kids at the table and I cleaned up and got the littlest one dressed for bed.


It’s now 7:30… That to me, is wine time!

I’d love to see into your day!

❤ Sarah


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