A Wonderful NutiBlast… Thanks To Halos

It’s no secret I love California Mandarins! They are a perfect snack and great to throw into a NutriBlast. My sister in law brought me over a big bag of Halos, in exchange I watched her daughter. I think its  fair swap! Her dad grows them and he also works for a company that packs them, so we are lucky enough to get some handed our way for free sometimes. I never complain about free things, especially when they are delicious AND healthy!!


I was running low on fresh things to make my NutriBlast with so these Halos were greatly appreciated. Todays drink was filled half full with spinach, 1 whole banana, 3 Halos and then I threw in some ice so that my drink would be nice and cold. Then of course I filled it with water to the max line.


And here we have it… So good!


❤ Sarah


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