A Simple Bag Tuorial

What I love about this pattern, besides being extremely simple, is that you can mix it up in so many different ways. I made smaller versions of this bag for each of my nieces and nephews over the holidays. Here are a couple of versions of this bag I have made in the past few months. I wish I would have taken pictures of all the others I made for Christmas. I love looking at what I create! There is so much you can do once you learn the basics of making this bag.

Kids Bag Bag With Flower

Warning… My camera is on the fritz and the flash broke on me so these pictures are not the best, I apologize!

First things first, pick out you material. For this bag you will need your fabric for the outside of the bag and then your liner. To begin with you will need to iron your material and then cut each piece of fabric down to 16 inches wide and 34 inches long.

MaterialsLayout and cut

I then folded each piece of fabric right sides together in half, so it then measured 16 inches wide and 17 inches long. I pinned the fabric together and sewed together each open edge with a 5/8 seam allowance, do this to both the liner and the fabric to the outside of the bag. Once you have done that press your seams so they lay flat.

Pinned and ready to sew   Press Seams

You will take a bottom corner of your bag and make a little triangle. We want our gussets to measure 1 1/2 inches, take your measuring tape and measure from the top of your little triangle down 1 1/2 inches. Mark that point and then draw a straight line across your fabric. This will be your guide when you are sewing.

Measuring Gusset Gusset ready to sew

Next you will sew across that line you drew. Once it is sewn you will then cut off that little triangle right above where you sewed that straight line . Repeat this procedure on the remaining 3 corners.

sewn gusset Trimmed Gusset

You should now have 2 pieces that are starting to resemble a bag.

We will now start working on the bags straps. Cut out two pieces of material that coordinate with the outside of your bag measuring 30 inches long by 5 inches wide each. (The bag I made in this tutorial us for my grandma she is a tall lady so the straps are a bit long, if you aren’t over 5’10” you may want to cut your straps down to 25 inches instead of 30 inches) Now lets take our material to the ironing board. With your material right side down to the board fold one side in just under an inch and iron it down. Do this again to the other side. Now fold the piece exactly in half-length wise and iron and pin. Repeat with the second piece you just cut out for the second strap

Handle Handle ready to sew

Lets now sew the strap we ironed. Sew a straight line down each side. Do the exact same thing for the second strap. The straps should now look like this…

Handle Sewn

I like to now sew the strap onto the outside of my bag. This just sets the straps in place so they are easier to work with as you sew your bag together. I take my printed material (outside of the bag) and turn it inside out. I measured 3 inches in from the side and pinned my strap down to the right side of the fabrics. I then took the other end of that strap and did the same thing on the other side of the bag. I repeated the same process on the opposite side of the bag with the second strap.

Measuring Handle   First Handle Stitch

Take your liner and put it into your bag. You should have right sides together with the straps in between the two pieces of material. Make sure your edges line up and your seams match on the sides and pin.

Lining Pinned to Outside

We a now ready to sew your bags together. When your sew your bags together make sure you leave an opening in between one set of handles so you can turn your bag right side out.

Hole Left To Flip

We can now reach in and start pulling the inside of the bag out.

Flipping BagBag Flipped

Push your liner into your bag and press down.

Ready to Press Pressed ready to Sew

Finally you will sew along the top of the bag to close up your opening. And you are done… unless you want to add a cute flower or something. This simple bag too me nearly all day to finish but I did have a sick and fussy 14 month old hanging on my ankle all day. Oh yeah there was also a nearly 4 year old who had a terrible attitude today! It was just crazy town at my house!! Normally this would take maybe an hour…maybe!

Simple Bag Sewing Tutorial

❤ Sarah


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