Perfect Time To Get Your Finances In Order

I cant even put into words how excited I am that my husband and I decided to take control of our finances this year. It’s amazing how things fall into place once you make the decision to take the lead and make things happen. I already said that it was so cool we started Dave Ramsey’s Baby step program in January because we got paid 3 times so we had an extra paycheck to work with. It really helped give us a jump start on our baby emergency fund. But it is also tax time so if you are lucky enough to not owe more taxes and can get a little back then there is another way to get a jump start.

Usually when my husband and I run into a lump sum of money we use some to pay things off but we are also really bad at spending it. You know how it is money just starts disappearing from your account and you don’t know what happened…well not this year!! We filed our taxes today and we put a name to every dollar we are getting back. If we hadn’t taken control of our finances who knows what we would have done with that money. Also, March is usually when my husband gets a little bonus at work. We have estimated how much we will most likely get and made a plan for that money as well. If we hadn’t taken control of our money I am positive I would have had a fight with my husband about why he shouldn’t buy a new gun… See why I love Dave’s program! Having a plan for your money means no arguments, well lets just say less arguments or as I like to call them heated discussions since my husband and I really don’t fight.

Update on my February money goals…

  1. DO NOT TOUCH EMERGENCY FUND- We opened a separate savings account for this money today!!!
  2. Pay off Kohls card- $200 owed
  3. Put $333 towards Lowes Balance
  4. File Taxes- DONE
  5. Switch my Life Insurance policy… Saves $12 monthly for the same coverage… I have my medical exam set for 2/8 at 8am
  6. Add $200 more to my Vegas Vacation Fund! (This trip was planned before we started the Baby Step program)
  7. If our tax refund hits in the month of February distribute to our debt snowball- Husband and I made the plan today and decided where the $ will be distributed
  8. New Goal- Create a will


So far so good for myself and I went into town 2 of the 3 days this month, so for me that’s REALLY good. My husband on the other hand failed the very first day. My uncle called and asked if we wanted and McDonald’s for breakfast since he was heading over and my husband said yes! After he got off the phone I called him out on it and he responded “well I’m not spending money on it.” I guess next time I need to make more rules!

❤ Sarah


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