Fast Food Free February

First things first…

My husband and I have decided that for the month of February we will avoid fast food. For some this maybe easy but for us it will be inconvenient. Anytime we go anywhere we are a 20 minute drive there and a 20 minute drive back so our trips to town always end up going into lunch or dinner time. In the past few weeks I have cut back and tried really hard to plan ahead when we have to go into town.

We have decided to do this not only for health purposes, but because when we go through our checking account it is absurd how much money gets wasted on eating out. It cost my family $18 to eat at a fast food restaurant. We do it at least twice a week. That is $36 I could be saving or adding to our grocery budget. For $36 a week you can really do some cool things within your budget.

So to help myself I put together my Weekly Meal Plan and added more snacks. Things we can grab and eat on the go easily.


We have officially completed Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #1 My husband and I started this Baby Step program in January. This month we received 3 paychecks, it was exciting that we started the program in a month where we received an extra paycheck. It has really helped motivate us.

I am so happy to be making progress in our financial goals. February will be interesting because it will be our first month doing a zero dollar budget. I’m not scared thinking it will be to restricting, I am just hoping that I took everything in consideration and nothing pops up I didn’t account for. But if something does that’s ok, this is our first month so we can make adjustments going forward.

My Financial Goals For February

  2. Pay off Kohls card- $200 owed
  3. Put $333 towards Lowes Balance
  4. File Taxes
  5. Switch my Life Insurance policy… Saves $12 monthly for the same coverage…
  6. Add $200 more to my Vegas Vacation Fund! (This trip was planned before we started the Baby Step program)
  7. If our tax refund hits in the month of February distribute to our debt snowball

❤ Sarah


3 thoughts on “Fast Food Free February

  1. I like your plan of no takeout in February! When I look over my expenses (I record every $1 I spend 🙂 on weeks where I have gone over budget, I generally see it is due to takeaway food or buying drinks at a bar! This year is my year of Eating Clean so already I have seen savings on these expenses – they really do add up! Eating no or very limited prepackaged meals means A LOT of food prep. But a month in, it is certainly worth it – for my health and my wallet 🙂 Good luck with your baby step plan for Feb! What amount are you aiming at for the Vegas fund?

    • For my husband and I we are planning to take $800, $200 will go to gas. The rest will be food, entertainment and drinks. We will be there 3 days. We got our hotel free and we get a $100 gambling credit so that helps. We have never been so I have o idea what to expect. All I know is drinks are expensive and you can really get carried away with spending on shows. I hope its enough!!

      I am ok with A LOT of prep work, most days at least.:) When I go to the grocery store I can see the difference when I buy a bunch of packaged foods and snacks, its terrible. When I first started trying to do the cash system I would only budget $75 for groceries a week, completely unrealistic for a family of 4. I guess I hadn’t realized how much groceries have gone up or I was living in la la land. It made me feel guilty that I was always going over my budget, since then I try to be more realistic with my budgeting.

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