Valentines Day Count Down

We are having a rainy day here, its has been 2 months since we last saw rain. You can imagine we are pretty happy! We are stuck in the house today so I finally decided to throw together my Valentines Day Count Down Calender. When I was working on my Valentine blocks I cut out some extra hearts just for fun, I knew they would come in handy for something. Well today I put them to good use. I doodled the numbers 1 thru 14 on them and then used my hole puncher to make holes at the top and bottom of the hearts. Got some white and pink curling ribbon out and tied the hearts together with little bows. Now as each day passes we can pull the ribbon on the bow and that days heart will fall and we will be one day closer to the day that celebrates love! I hung it in my kitchen on my pantry door. With 2 little boys we will see if it last all the way to Valentines Day! I love crafts that are simple, cheap and serve a purpose and this one is all 3!

Valentine Day Count Dowen Up Close VDay Count Down

❤ Sarah


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