Pork Tacos In My Handy Crock Pot

Our dinner yesterday was an all day affair… well kind of. It cooked all day but I only had to prep it for 15 minutes and then cut up some yummy toppings right before dinner. I love to use my cock pot because it allows me to have a delicious homemade dinner with out all the afternoon/evening hassles. Plus sometimes I’ll plan on making something delicious for dinner and will get lazy so then we have whatever we can throw together from the fridge and freezer. Those kind of nights make me feel guilty about being a stay a home mom and wife.

I have made these pork tacos on several occasions. I think the original recipe came from Betty Crocker. But they became just a tad bit bland. So I have spiced it up a bit. I took an 8lb bone in pork butt, same as a pork shoulder from my understanding, and gave it a good rub down with garlic powder, kosher salt, chili powder and taco seasoning. I buy my taco seasoning in bulk at Costco instead of those tiny one meal packets. I suppose you could make your own taco seasoning but this is easier. Please don’t go lightly with the seasoning it really needs a good amount. Then you brown all sides of it in about 2 tablespoons of oil.

Seasoning Browning

Once it’s completely brown take that gigantic piece of meat and throw it in your Crock Pot. Pour all the juices in your pan into the Crock Pot as well. Then take two 7oz cans of diced green chilies and pour it in. Now you are ready to cover a slow cook. I usually cook mine for 8 hours on low. Towards the end of the 8 hours I open it up and poke it with a fork to see if it will easily start to shred. Once its done turn it off.

Browned in Crock Pot Green Chillies

There is usually a lot of juice after the cooking process so I put a strainer in a bowl and pour my Crock Pot out into the strainer, the bowl catches my extra juice underneath. I do this because I don’t want all the juice that the meat produces but I want to keep some so after I shred the meat I can throw in some juice at my discretion to make sure the meat stays moist. Then I enlist my husband to shred the pork butt for me! I really don’t like shredding meat… it makes my wrist hurt… and yes I am whining right now. While he does that I get all of our topping ready. I cut up some cabbage, cilantro and  sliced up an avocado and a lime. Get our your cheese and salsa, or if its summer and everything is in season make some salsa, and your almost ready. Next warm up some tortillas, corn or flour I don’t discriminate.

Shredding Yummy Add Ons

And now you can build your taco and sit down with your beer, or red beer as I did, and just enjoy! You will most likely get up and have another!

Ready To Eat

P.S. You will have leftovers even after inviting your in laws over to eat. And that’s totally ok they are yummy thrown into a cheese quesodilla or with tortilla chips and salsa.

❤ Sarah


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