Finding Peace Through Organization

I have been trying to organize my kitchen, first I cleaned out my pantry. That wasn’t too much work and I am so happy with the results. Next was an area in my kitchen I’d like to name the catch-all area.  It is an area that I cram things into that I just don’t know what to do with like mail, bills, school paperwork, pictures that need to be organized and the list goes on and on. I can’t say its terrible but it drives me nuts. I wanted to try to organize it in a way that would help me to not let it get so out of control again. If that’s possible…

I went to Kmart to see if I could find anything that would help me with organizing the area but  had absolutely no luck. Here is what it looked like before.

Before.1 Before

First things first… take EVERYTHING out. This whole getting organized thing is so funny because your house gets messier before it gets clean. There has been a few times my husband has been really confused because he walks in when everything is torn up and he thought I was cleaning. Here is what my kitchen looked like for several hours because as a mom you can’t just start a project and expect to finish it in a timely manner.

Thestorm Storm

I threw out a lot of junk. A few cookbooks that weren’t in very good shape, a ton of cooking magazines from 2012, mail that had just piled up and some other random things. My trash was pretty full. I actually found a dmv bill that was due December 31st… Great. Even worst is that the bill is for a fishing boat we haven’t used in 2 years!!!! Here is the area done.


I did put a little dry erase board up on the inside of the door to help me with my daily to do list. On the other door I taped my weekly meal plan. I have some clothes pins I want to paint and then use some double-sided sticky tape to hang on the inside of the doors. I’m hoping that they will help with some of refrigerator clutter.

❤ Sarah



2 thoughts on “Finding Peace Through Organization

  1. Keep a home free of clutter makes me feel so much better. I can concentrate on more important things. I don’t have any “catch-all” drawers, or closets I just shove just in to. I don’t even like virtual clutter, like too many pins on Pinterest or favorites I’ll probably never look at again.

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