Valentine Wood Blocks

My girlfriends and I got together this past Friday night for craft night. I LOVE crafting and love it even more when I can share this passion. I invited the girls over to make wood blocks with a valentine theme. We had appetizers and drinks, a perfect combination. Its always a good time when we all can get together without the kiddos. I’m hoping we can continue with maybe a monthly craft night.

I had a few extra blocks and after 2 days I had not yet cleaned up my crafting supplies so I decided to make one more set of blocks.

If you want to do this yourself you can buy blocks already cut out, buy your own wood and cut them out yourself or buy the wood at your local Lowes or wherever and have them cut them down to size for you.  Then give the blocks a nice sand with a medium sandpaper and then dust them off and you are ready to get creative. I started by giving each block 2 coats of paint. While my paint was drying I used my Silhouette machine to cut out my design.

WoodBlocks painted

I wanted my blocks to looks a little worn and rustic so I took black paint because that matched my color scheme I was going for, and brushed it on around the edges. Then I lightly sanded the block so that my black paint would blend a little better, it helps make that worn look seem more natural.

Sanded Sanding

Now it was time to get my mod podge out. I put a coat on of the mod podge and then placed my design. I then ran another coat of mod podge over the design and let it dry.

layout ModgePod

Once the mod podge dried I took the blocks outside and sprayed each side with acrylic. If you don’t do this your blocks can stick to each other and its very annoying.


And there you have it! Another cute Valentine decoration. I love doing these blocks they are so easy and fun.


❤ Sarah



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