A Valentine Project

As Valentines Day nears my head is filled with ideas of projects covered in hearts. I have done a few projects around the house and have many more to do. A couple I just finished and I took photos of from start to finish are Valentines Day shirts for my boys and appliqued hand towels for my bathroom and one for a best friend of mine to add to her birthday gift, that is also Valentine themed. These project were relatively quick to do. They followed the same process so it cut out time to do them simultaneously.

When I work on projects that are themed I try to find what I need at bargain prices. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on something my boys may only wear twice. I found the shirts on clearance for $3 each, not a steal for plain white shirts but a decent price. I got the hand towels for a couple bucks. The red fabric squares I used are left over from a quilt I did back last summer and I buy my heat n’ bond in bulk so I always have some when the applique itch strikes.


First, I ironed my red fabric to the heat n’ bond and trimmed any extra heat n’ bond off. Then I peeled the white paper off the back, so it was ready to be used.


Next I applied the fabric to my Silhouette mat and began to work on what I wanted to put on my shirts and towels. Since I was going to be sewing the applique onto the shirt and towel I didn’t want anything that was to intricate. This would have tested my sewing skills and I didn’t feel like going there… I wanted an easy project! Also I didn’t want to spend any money so I used some clip art I already had in my Silhouette Library.

ScrapInMachine Computershot

Then I had my machine start cutting. To make the most of my material I also had my machine cut out a the word love for a project I will be doing in a few days. I did this a few times until I had all the hearts I needed. Then I pulled them off my mat and ironed them onto my shirts and towels.

PeelingOff Towels Shirt

The last step was to sew the hearts onto my shirts and towels. I do this to ensure they stay on through several trips through my washer and dryer and it helps make any project look professional. I use a blanket stitch, just because right now its my favorite. Here is a close up of the finished job.

SewingShirt CloseUp

And about an hour later I have two shirts and two hand towels. I have been making my boys appliqued shirts to go with the holiday or season. Its so much fun for me and I’m going crazy with it because I know my days are numbered with these cute crafts for them. They will quickly grow out of it.

FinishedShirt FinishedTowel

*A helpful hint… Prewash your fabrics, the last thing you want is to have a pretty project but after washing it notice that your nice red hearts have bled onto your white shirt. Its no fun having a project ruined like that, I tell you this from experience!

❤ Sarah


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