A Dose Of Fresh Air

I just couldn’t pull myself together this morning, even though I started off by showering to wake myself up. I was just so tired! After taking my 3-year-old to school I came home and watched couple of my recorded shows until I realized what a lazy ass I was being. So I made a NutriBlast and an egg sandwich and kicked myself in to gear, kinda. I did some squats and picked up the house, I was still feeling lazy! So I decided my 14 month old and I needed to get some fresh air. WOW! I can’t even believe how much it helped! I throw him into his bike trailer and we went on about a 20 minute ride. It was so nice, the wind blowing through my hair and the cool crisp air was exactly what I needed. When we got home from the ride I started to get him out and he was practically asleep. Poor guy, so I took him and put him on the trampoline and that woke him up quickly.

It’s amazing how just getting outside can change your mood and energy levels for the better.

On a side not I have to talk about this crazy winter weather we are having. It really feels like spring. It’s actually playing tricks on my chickens. This time of year they don’t lay to many eggs, if any, and today I went out and there were 6! And that is just 2 days worth. Looks like we will be having deviled eggs as an appetizer for this Friday nights girls craft night!


I think my chickens are enjoying this weather!


❤ Sarah


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