An Afternoon In The Yard

Today the kids and I went outside so they could play. Little did I know that I was going to end up doing yard work.  It’s been on my To Do list so it all worked out. This California weather has been crazy, like 70 degrees outside so it feels more like spring then the middle of winter. I actually broke a sweat. I can’t believe how warm it’s been, it really makes me wonder about what kind of summer we are going to have!

I started out by cleaning out my chicken coop and saw my Father in Law out on the tractor in the orchard. I found out that he was going to be discing the field and irrigating. This meant that my garden from last summer needed to be cleaned out and thrown in the field. We don’t have a green waste out here so any yard or garden clippings get thrown into the field and then disced up. This will continue to happen until I can get my crap together and create a compost pile. Here is a picture of some of my tomato plants thrown in the field.


Once I finished taking care of the chickens I was on to the garden area. But before we talk about that I just have to show you my chickens. I have 6 hens. 5 are almost a year old and then I have Goldie who is 2 and half years old. They are very interesting animals to watch. My Hubby made my coop for me when my other coop got to small.

12063284263_6e5c042878 12063368764_169f1047a4

Next, I was on to the garden area. It was very intimidating. All that was left to pull out was mainly my tomato plants. There were 10, but they were SO over grown. It looked terrible… I’m embarrassed that I even left it like this for so long. They we big and green until we had about a week of freezing temperatures back in December.

12063101623_5fd0694d81 12063202744_3e3c795efb 12063117203_2fd96f4369

The whole process took about an hour and a half. Much less than I had anticipated. That includes making lunch for the kids so they could have a picnic. It went quick because the boys actually kept themselves busy by playing in the dirt and jumping on the trampoline. (Great Christmas Present, Thanks Mimi and Papa!!) Here is what it looks like now.

12062802493_3374d76166 12062492055_3578b8fd1c

I still need to work up my beds and add in some nutrients and refresh my beds. Maybe I will get to that in the next few weeks. We will see. I just can’t wait until spring when everything is green and beautiful!!

❤ Sarah


2 thoughts on “An Afternoon In The Yard

  1. The California weather has been difficult this year – I agree with you! I have been getting that spring itch so early this year. Hopefully we will all be able to get on with our gardens soon. Your garden area is so cute! Thanks for sharing – my girls want their very own garden area to look like yours.

    • I hope we can get out there soon, its like a big tease right now. I love that your girls want their own garden. It was one of our first projects when we moved out onto my in laws ranch. My husband and I did it as a birthday gift for me.

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